Mission Letters

Week 103

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night! Hope this letter finds you in good heath and spirit. This past week has been very interesting. Thanksgiving was this week, as many of you know. It was different on the mission. Anyways, here are a few highlights from this week.

Monday morning from eight to twelve we spent doing P-day activities. We shopped, did laundry and wrote emails. Then, from twelve to nine we spent proselytizing. We had a very nice lunch. Frozen taquitos. Then we raked leaves for the member family we live with. Elder Bartlett slid down the slide, with slush all over it. Yes, he got wet. Elder Bartlett wore his belt in an interesting way later in the evening. We went to visit a member in our ward, and come to find out he actually is not a member. His name and address got mixed up with a member that has his same name. Kind of interesting.
Tuesday we spent a lot of time in the family history center. We did family history, Facebook work and updated a document for the area.
Wednesday we helped the food bank. I made a hyperlapse of the assembly line that we make. I need to get a better angle next time. We had a few awesome in person visits. Pat (name has been changed) played a bit of his guitar, which was fun.
Thursday was Thanksgiving! It was fun. We spent the morning planning for the next week. Then, from twelve to nine we spent the rest of our P-day. We ate two meals with the Sisters in our district. Both were given by members. We stopped by their homes, grabbed a disposable plate full of food and left. It was nice to spend time with the Sisters. Good food. I watched a few movies. Good to have quality entertainment for missionaries. We also went over to a member home and shot a video. Went well. You’ve got to check out the Facebook page to see it.
Friday morning we had a zone council with some of the tech missionaries and the assistants. I edited the video we shot the night before. A few people thought it was cute. Very nice compliment. We found the house that all the cats from our property live in. Kind of cool!
Saturday we helped clean one of our ward mission leaders sheds. He gave us a ride in his Camero as payment. Also Carl’s Jr. Super nice. We also had an amazing church tour with Pat (name has been changed) Very spiritual. We got Krispy Kreme after that. They have oreo donuts?? So good!
Sunday was church. We had musical numbers in each of our ward meetings. Two out of four lessons we had planned, fell through. So we did a lot of phone contacting and Facebook work.
That was this week.
Man, has time flown by or what? I cannot believe that Thanksgiving already came and passed. So quick. One thing I know for sure. Have fun while you can.
Con amor,
El Gringo CR

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