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Week 102 – Bullseye

Oh my goodness! This week was so crazy! So much happened, sort of. Hahahaha

A few highlights:
At 6:30 in the morning on Monday we got a text telling us to go to the store and get toilet paper and other things. We went to Walmart and everything was out. A new mandate was given so all the paper was gone. We got another grocery haul from our amazing members. She gave us a Unicorn Hot Chocolate box. Yummy hahaha. We also got two boxes of Krispy Kreme. Sooo YUMMMMY!! Found a wonderful sign at the home of the members we live with. Elder Staheli and I had our exit interviews with our mission President. Kind of weird to plan for after mission while I still have like, 3 weeks left.
We helped our amazing Sisters move a member out of their home. Well, we started the process. They gave us some Arby’s as “payment”. Hahahaha. Had unicorn hot chocolate and more chocolate.
Helped out at the food bank again. Fun stuff making bags full of food. We make an assembly line to make it go quicker and easier. Got my itinerary for my flight home. Wooo. We had a few awesome member lessons.
We got some Little Ceasars Pizza for lunch one day. Yummy! Helped one of our friends move some stuff out of their car into their storage. Had fun with some riddles at a member home. Also raked leaves for the people we live with. We pulled a pank on the Sisters. They were doing Facebook finding in the family history center. We had this annoying toy from the nursery, so we turned it on and grenade launched it into the center. It went on forever. Haha. Then, the second Companionship of Sisters in our district tried to put the toy in our cottage, but we locked our door. So we took a picture of the pranking toy Bullseye from Toys at our door step. Hahaha, fun stuff.
We had a huge zone exchange. I went with one of the zone leaders to rake a members leaves. It was good to talk to another missionary. Then I went with two other missionaries to drop off Thanksgiving baskets that one of our wards made. It was a lot of fun to help out. Took some pictures as a zone. I love
We were gifted some CTR gum. Interesting stuff. Got some fudge as well. I liked it. Good treat to top of a yummy lunch.
Anyway, those were a few highlights from this week.
I heard something from a sacrament meeting talk that struck my heart. If we feel we are not as close to God as we want to be, we just need to follow three simple steps. Keep the commandments, search the scriptures and act in faith. If we diligently follow those steps, we will grow closer to God, find more peace and find more hope. I know this to be true. If you are seeking peace or hope, just follow those steps. They will guide you to your loving Heavenly Father.
I know God lives. He loves YOU!! As do I.
El Gringo CR

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