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Week 98

Hello everyone! Man, your last transfers go by super quick. At the beginning of November, we have transfers once again. That is just so crazy to think about. I can’t believe it.

Anyway, here are a few highlights from this week.
On Monday we had a zone P-day. We made hamburgers and hot dogs with chips and soda. It was fun to see the entire zone at our little cottage. Obviously not inside, but outside. I sadly didn’t take any pictures. What I did photograph was my hair from that morning. After putting in my taming cream, my hair looked kind of cool. Just had to document it. Hahaha. We played volleyball, which was a ton of fun.
Tuesday we did some awesome exchanges with he zone leaders. Elder Zesiger and I spent the day together. We helped out the family we are living with. We picked up fallen sticks, moved apples and cut grapes off their vines. It was actually a lot of fun. We got Chaco Tacos from the Wilkinson. Super nice of them. We spent some time doing family history at the Stake center. I found some interesting meaning of my name. It’s so cool that Family Tree has that kind of information. I also had a very sontanious idea. I jumped on Duolingo, found a zoom link to an intermediate Spanish class and joined. Well, the instructor told me join Advanced 2, the following day. This is their highest class. So I was flattered. Very kind of him. Then Elder Zesiger and I tracted an area near our church building. It was fun to get out again. Met a few interesting people. I did a bit of magic while we Facebooked. Fun stuff.
Wednesday we helped out at the food bank again. I really enjoy going over there. I think it’s fun. We found an amazing drawing one of the Sister drew of her companionship. Very well done. I got a package from the office. Beanie, scarf and gloves from my Dad. Thank q! They are wonderful! We visited a few less-active members in some of our wards. Saw a nice sunset that night.
Thursday was an interesting day. We helped out a member rake his pine needles. Then we had lunch. I was super confused because Elder Staheli told me to have maple syrup with my corn dogs. What I didn’t realize was they were pancake and sausage corn dogs, not normal ones that you would eat with ketchup. Makes sense now.
Friday morning at 9am we went to the temple and raked up leaves right before it started to snow. The Sisters came as well. So much fun! Crazy seeing snow fall for the first time in like 5 years… My mind kind of had a break down. SO COOOOLD!!! Hahaha. We had a wonderful zone council and district lunch. I threw my first fresh snow ball in 5 years. That was fun. We went tracting. Not my favorite. I quite disliked it. But, you’ve got to the work. I build a small little snow man. My hair also went sideways after wearing a beanie all day. Hahahaha
Saturday we spent the morning recording a Sunday Devotional. Hopefully you saw it. If you didn’t, go watch it. It’s on our Facebook page. Church of Jesus Christ in Spokane Valley. Check it out. We also visited Robert (name has been changed). He talked a bunch, but enjoyed President Oaks talk from this last general conference. Good stuff.
Sunday was full of church time. I really like going back to church. Nice to sit down, listen to someone else talk about the gospel, and partake of the sacrament. We contacted a bunch of people, but didn’t get into any doors. We went up to Newman Lake, which is super pretty. We also had an amazing spaghetti dinner with a member family. Very nice of them.
Overall, this week was okay. There were a lot of hiccups during this week, but every week there are hiccups. I found when we actually focus on what we are studying, we truly do become more unified with our Heavenly Father. He loves us and wants to hear from us. He also loves to see his children studying his word.
I’ve got only a few weeks left… then life continues. Just no longer as a full-time missionary. I’ll be a part-time missionary. Hahaha. Time flies when you are in the service of your fellow men.
So go serve.
con amor,
Él Gringo CR

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