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Week 97 – The Beginning of Single Digit Weeks

OHHH BOY!! We have moved down to the single digits of how many weeks left until I am no longer a full-time missionary. Goodness, that is just some sad news to tell. This work is just so crazy, fun and amazing. It’s tough, but so worth every penny, second and drop of sweat.

A few highlights of this week.
Monday we did our groceries, got some razors (BOY, those are expensive!) I wore my beanie that morning and my hair went  all syco! When we went and did our laundry, we found these weird pair of “glasses”. They were so weird. It felt like you were wearing a pair of bugs eyes. The Sisters in our District came over to our property. We played “What the Fish” and “Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza” after a Little Caesars pizza lunch. Super fun! I called my family and we took some interesting pictures on messenger. We visited our favorite member missionary. I wore my beanie again, but a bit different than normal. We also visited a member family. I learned that Argentina has a lot more Italian influence than I expected.

Tuesday was the official day that I hit my twenty-second month out on the mission. So to celebrate, I started My Plan! Yay!! We spent a good amount of time at a member’s home. We ate lunch, had a lesson and even did service for them. They also gave us some really good dessert. We helped the Sisters make a video. It took a long time. We also found out that I had like 999 friends. That was kind of cool.
Wednesday morning we saw a deer in our yard. Then we helped the food bank again with emergency bags. They gave us some good cake. Then, out of the blue, a member decided to ask us if we needed any groceries and fun stuff. She said don’t hold back. So we didn’t and she got like two of everything we asked for. So much food!!! hahaha Zombie donuts, vampire donuts and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. OHHH BOY, they were SO good. I remember when my uncle and aunt got me my first Krispy Kreme doughnut in Utah. Nothing beats a Krispy Kreme doughnut. We visited a family with six red-heads out of eight family members. Let’s go red-head nation!! Woooo! hahahaha. They gave us some homemade apple cider. It had been a while so I actually didn’t really recognize it right of the bat. But, after trying it, I was reminded.
Thursday we helped a friend pull out a bunch of stuff from his “shed”. I created an “art piece” with a broken fishing poll and a stool. So beautiful. hahaha We also found a box full of dormant bees and Elder Staheli decided to create a Stormtrooper collection of them. Kind of gross.  We visited a family that lived in a really nice house up a mountain. Such a nice view. Sadly, I couldn’t get a picture of it.
Friday we had an amazing zone council with the tech specialists and President Thompson. Such a nice training about Facebook and how to use it effectively. Loved it so much! Got a group picture. I was kind of in the back, hidden. Ooops. hahahaha We had another oops and accidentally rescheduled our saturday dinner to friday. Simple miscommunication.  Oh well…
Saturday we did a lot of service. Basically all morning we helped one of Bishop’s sons move out of their house. They fed us pizza and I fell with a full plate of pizza. It was a good fall. Broke an easter egg in the process, but I actually found the fall relaxing. I haven’t falling in a good amount of time, so it was surprisingly nice to fall. Didn’t get hurt. I just realized I spent like five sentences on this moment. Oh boy.
Sunday we had a few amazing lessons. We visited one of our ward mission leaders after his session of church. We also saw a family come to church that we invited this week. We were not sure if the daughter was going to come, but she showed up. She also brought one of her friends that is living with her. Super cool! We also had a zoom lesson with Elder Hunter that is leaving to his mission in Boston. He has a friend that has no religious background, but is praying, reading the Book of Mormon and wants to learn more. Julia (name has been changed) is an amazing young women. She’s 19 and is graduating college this year. She’s AWESOME!! Super good day!
Over all, this week was really good. I enjoyed many moments.
Thank you for reading!
Con amor,
El Gringo CR

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