Mission Letters

Week 96 – Cold Times Ahead

EYYY!! Que tal? Espero que estan bien! This week once again, has flown by. It feels like every minute is just getting a few seconds shorter. I find it so interesting. Your last two transfers really do just fly by. This is my last double digit week!! Next week will be 9 weeks left… That is just unbelieveable.

Monday we got a free 6′ sandwich at Subway’s from Rusty (name has been changed). He’s awesome! Our district went to the mall and got free ice cream from a member shop. Hermana Gray can’t have dairy, so she gave us her carmelized apple. Good stuff! Then we pretty much chilled on “our” property. (The member’s property that we live on.) We played volleyball, went down the huge slide on blankets, talked… you know, the boring stuff. My sister tried to get a floof like I have. It kind of worked.
Tuesday I got my white dress shirts tailored a bit. I know, I know, I’ve only got like two months left, but… I just wanted them done. We visited Katrina (name has been changed). She’s in a tough spot right now, so if you could pray for her that would be awesome. I think God understands if you’re using the name Katrina.
Wednesday we helped out at the food bank. Got more donuts! Wooo! Got Costa Vida. Good stuff. Also found this amazing sign in our area. Just merge like a zipper. We contacted a really cool member. Had a good mustache. While we were at the church doing Facebook, the Sisters showed up with my package! Finally, my thermals have arrived. Boy were they a life saver.

Thursday morning we helped Rusty (name has been changed) once again with moving bricks. He treated us to lunch at a grill near home. Super good! Just don’t add gorgonzola cheese to your burger. That was a weird burger. We also filmed for an introduction video we are each doing. We got an okay picture of our companionship. Visited Wendy (name has been changed) and her family. The kids were a bit better than the last time we there.
Friday we had district council, interviews and a visit with Glenda (name has been changed). She is so sweet and has the warmest voice ever. She had a funny sign about cats… also a super pretty tree. She lives on a road that splits the states of Washington and Idaho. Kind of crazy I was so close to Idaho. Though, we do go there to buy groceries at Walmart. So much cheaper there. Then we dropped off our car for an oil changed and got some dominos pizza. Good stuff. We took more introduction videos at Liberty Lake. Nice beach and sunsets.
Saturday we helped a bunch of “nerds” (they said that themselves) move from our ward to another. Man, it got cold though. Beanie, mask and double layering helped. We even got McDonalds hot chocolate. We visited Katrina (name has been changed) once more. She is doing better.
Sunday we had two sessions of church. Really good. It got cold so I wore a sweater under my suit jacket. Then we got the sad news that Hermana Gray was getting transferred to Mount. Spokane. We were all so sad. We really loved her so much! Wish you the best! We tried visiting a few members, but none were available. So we just watched a Thursday devotional. Yeah, that’s it.
Thank you for reading.
Con amor,
El Gringo CR

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