Mission Letters

Week 95 – Conference Week!!

Goodness this week went by so quick…

Here’s some highlights!
Monday we chilled at the church most of the day. We found this top at our member house. It made some noise when it spun. Kind of funny. We ate alfredo pizza for lunch, made by non-other then Elder Staheli. We enjoyed a zone kick-off. We’ll be trying to find 50 new people to be taught.

Tuesday we pulled weeds with the sisters once again. We had some lemon flavored carbonated water soda. It was okay. We also visited a ward missionary that has given out 648 Books of Mormon in two years. So cool! She gave her 500th book from her balcony. Yeah, she threw it…
Wednesday we helped the food bank make emergency bags of food. It was a lot of fun. They had a bunch of sugary foods though. A LOT! We had Costa Vida and donuts for lunch.
Thursday we helped Rusty (name has been changed) pull out bricks from his yard. He is re-doing his yard. We made an arch out of the bricks. A lot of fun! We also figured out that if you microwave an old donut for 18 seconds, it turns out really good.
Friday we had a pretty cool district council with the zone leaders. It went really well. We had Taco Bell. We visited a couple that gave us smoothie bowls. Super good! They also have a 3D printer, which is super cool!
Saturday was GENERAL CONFERENCE!! So good right??? After our spiritual high, we went to a member home in the zone leader’s area. They had a huge property! While we were undoing the table umbrellas for lunch, a baby bat landed on Elder Staheli’s tie. Kind of cool! Then we went home, finished Conference and slid down a slide. Oh, also made another mish perfect video #8.
Sunday was more GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! So good! We had an amazing dinner with our ward mission leader. Indian food is good! We also dropped off a box of Books of Mormon to the ward missionary. She is at 653 books now. So crazy!
So yeah, that was this week.
I really enjoyed Sister Craig’s talk. I loved how she shared the story about the servant of the prophet Elisha. How the prophet asked in prayer that his servant could see how many more are with them than with their enemies. So true. There are so many more on God’s side, than the devil’s side.
God lives.
Con amor,
El Gringo Cr

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