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Week 94 – Transfers…

Well, it happened again… I got transferred!!! I thought I was going to finish up my mission as Facebook Editor in Rathdrum Idaho, but it seems God has another plan. I know he loves to put me in situations that I don’t like, but I can get through. My entire time in Argentina was waiting for another transfer. So, tell the truth, I was expecting to get transferred, even though I didn’t want to leave. I loved my time living with five other missionaries, living in a very beautiful area and meeting so many different people. I was so sad I had to leave. But here I am serving in the Cedar Grove and Shaw Creek Wards in Spokane Valley enjoying what I can. I am in a Sistrict… five Sisters and three Elders. Kind of funny.

Well, I might as well tell ya what happened this week.
Monday was our last zone p-day. Some guy was hauling on his tractor on our way to the stake center. So much dust. I took a nap while Elder Brown and Elder Taylor played basketball. We were waiting for the entire zone to show up. Then we played kickball as a zone, minus the quartet of Elders. Don’t be like them and not come to zone p-day’s. That’s just so low and lame. Literally, go to your zone p-day’s. Zone unity is NEEDED! We also played 5 Minute Dungeon which was SO fun! I also did some magic, blowing a Sisters mind. So much fun! Then we topped and finished off our day with a six confetti gun salute in honor of Sister Webster and Sister Guthrie leaving. So sad to see them leave. Sister Webster was the one that gave me Matt Damon. He is a legend now, amongst the Sisters in the zone. There are so many different Matt Damon’s now. There’s a giraffe, moose, acorn and I think there is a golf ball. I’ve got the OG though! hahaha. Going to miss them, and do miss them so much.
Tuesday we had our last zone council and blitz. It was so much fun! This was my favorite zone of all time. I love them so much! We took a photo and said our farewells. We also visited Brynna (name has been changed) to say good bye. Took some pictures. Amazing sunset! We also stopped by Dan (name has been changed) to bid my farewells. Then we went home to facebook find while I pack.
Wednesday was transfer day. Elder Anderson had a new leadership meeting, so we had to drop him off at the Coeur d’Alene stake center at like 8am. Elder Peterson and I went home. I packed and we cleaned the apartment a bit more. We also studied. Then we picked up Elder Anderson, packed our cars and took a picture for our last time together. Ooff, it was hard leaving. My companions are Elder Bowers and Elder Staheli. Yeah, Elder Bowers was with me when I first got here. I was with him for two weeks, then he left. I guess I followed him here. Now I am serving in the Cedar Grove and Shaw Creek wards, like I said before.
Thursday morning we ate quiche for breakfast that Elder Staheli made, then went to a district service opportunity pulling weeds and dead grass. All five Sisters are super sweet and very welcoming. Can’t wait to get to know them better! They gave us cookie brownies which were super good! Then we did our weekly planning. Yeah, we planned our week. Also found a weird fork. Then we did Facebook finding while eating ice cream and brownies for Elder Staheli’s birthday! We also had a ward council that went pretty well. We visited the Evans family (name has been changed). The daughter made some good cookies!
Friday we planned our Facebook Sunday Devotional. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out!  Got Costa Vida for like, the first time. Helped a sister in one of our wards move a big chair from her apartment to her apartment storage. Oh, our car is a hybrid and makes angelic sounds when it’s backing. So sweet! It also got super windy at night. To finalize the day I met the couple that owns the property we live on. We live with members, just in their seperate apartment on their property. So cool!
Saturday we pulled weeds again at the same spot with the Sisters. Broke a bunch of handles of tools we were using. hahahaha. I got a new bed because my old one was bent like crazy. Never put 700 plus pounds on a bed, that’s no good. We gave a friend we are teaching a blessing. She is going through a lot and needed some comfort and council. Then we recorded and edited our Sunday devotional video. ZLC, Elder Bowers went to it while we talked to the Sisters and edited. One of the Sisters has been speaking spanish and portuguese her whole life. I was kind of intimidated tell the truth. I wanted to talk with her so bad, but I was too shy to expose my spanish. I regret it. I miss spanish.
Sunday we had church for the Cedar Grove ward. First time in 7 months… super cool. We knocked a bunch of member doors. Met some good people. Dinner with the members we live with. Three of the Sisters in our District came as well. Super good Chicken Pillows with Dutch Oven Potatoes followed by Pineapple Upsidedown Cake. SO GOOD!!! Then we gave a member the sacrament and a priesthood blessing. She has been suffering from vertigo for a while now. It was like my first time in twenty-one months giving a blessing in english. Kind of cool! Then we gave a Sister in our district a blessing. Two for two! hahaha
This week I learned a lot. I love this work. The things that we can learn from the scriptures and modern day prophets are so key to our conversion to Christ. Read them, they help.
Have a wonderful week!!!!
con amor,
El Gringo Cr

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