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Week 93 – Only Three Months Left :(

Hola hola hola! Once again, I cannot believe that a week as few before my eyes. Just so crazy! So let’s get into it!

Monday, P-day, was a super wack day, but super chill as well. We went to Walmart, washed the other Elders car and ate some delicious donuts. 5 minute dungeon is a super load game. We felt bad for our neighbors. Then we washed our car and forgot our God sent lawn chairs. We were so sad. We played basketball at the stake center. I made another mish perfect video. If you want to see these videos, just comment and we will see what we can do. I video chatted with my family and took a “cool” picture. We came home, changed and called a bunch of peeps the rest of the night. Our friend Brynna (name has been changed) is getting baptized!!!
Tuesday we had an amazing zone Conference. Super long, but amazing. We were on our way to the stake center and needed to cross some train tracks. Well, if we were Lightning McQueen, we would have made it, but we aren’t. We are missionaries. So we stopped and started to wait for the train to pass by. Well, the train stopped… and didn’t move for a good 5 minutes. So we went to see if the other cross was clear, but it wasn’t. So we had to go allllll the way around to another crossing to get late to being early. Goodness me, the patience we needed. We heard some really eye opening stuff. We also got Flu Shots… not my favorite. Was not feeling good. I mean, I’m a sensitive kind of guy… needles and I don’t get along. I luckily was the last one to get the shot, so no-one really saw how “whimpy” I am. Ate a Kind bar. I ate these every cross country meet back in 9th grade. We called Brynna (name has been changed) once more!
Wednesday we had another joint zone facebook meeting. This one was an open conversation style. Since there was so much smoke the past few days, we had to always have lessons inside homes. Well, most of our friends, we teach outside. So what did we do? We dropped off rocks all over Rathdrum, called a bunch of people and did Facebook updates and details. yeah…. I made a pretty cool story. The sun was super weird as well.
Thursday morning, we had a mission wide zoom call. Well, we can wear blue shirts, not wear ties and or wear ties if we want. We can also tract, with a mask and 6 feet between us and those we talk to. Super cool, but super nerve wracking. We did weekly planning. We also helped a Facebook service referral move a stove into another room so she can re-do the flooring. When we got there, her dog jumped into our car and urinated all over our seats and then left…. dogs…. ughhh…. oh well…. Elder Brown had a baptismal interview with Brynna and her Dad. She was given the green card to getting baptized! So excited!
Friday morning we dropped off Elder Anderson at another Elders apartment and went to a trio of Sisters to give one of them a blessing. She is such a sweet missionary. Bless her. We got some Subway afterwards and then went home. We also went and visited Candy (name has been changed). She was super sweet and we talked about God. Went to the Cardoza family (name has been changed) Watched Wheelz from the Church. It is such a cool video. You should check it out! We also did 5 second talents. Elder Christensen did a standing backflip!!! So cool.
Saturday Brynna (name changed) got baptized!!!!! It was such a cool experience! Loved every second of it! We had a mission wide editors meeting. Not many showed up and it was an open conversation meeting. We talked to Dan for a bit. He was cutting branched off his trees. Then I trained my companions on how to use the Facebook Editing stuff. Cause, I’m getting transfered to a new area.
Sunday we had church! Some of our friends came! It was so cool to see them! We talked to Sandi (name changed). I love her and am going to miss her so much! We forgot to take a picture with her! Oops. Had dinner with the Garlings. Love the red-heads! I finally asked for a drawing that Sister Webster drew of me. Yeah, Wolverine Facebook Editor! hahahaha! Love the hashtags and text bubble! The SUNSET on our way to ZLC was so gorgeous!!!! After ZLC I did another mish perfect video. Got a tennis ball stuck in a roll of tape.
Anyway, that was this week! Can’t believe I’m leaving this wonderful area. I am definitely coming back and visiting.
God loves you! Mosiah 4:9… He has all wisdom and power. He KNOWS what he is doing. We cannot comprehend what he can comperhend. I know what challenges you face are challenges that will help you for the better. They give you experience so you can learn. He loves you. He really does.
Love you, thank you, and you have a wonderful week!
con amor,
El Gringo CR

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