Mission Letters

Week 92 – Wow, it’s been 21 months…

Goodness gracious… twenty one months of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I cannot believe it. I’ve spent 3 months here and I’ll be spending 3 more months.

Okay, I’m kind of short on time so I’ll try to explain as short and best as I can. Monday was an interesting day. Full of powerful wind that literally broke trees down. We played 5 minute dungeon with a bunch of our zone members! So much fun!!! We played marshmallow dodgeball as well. That was a lot of fun! We also played volleyball. Made my favorite cake, got a Plusle and Tech Deck. We did a bunch of Facebook in the evening. We also picked berries. Talked to the Sisters that night about my job I had before the mission.
Tuesday we helped Dan (name has been changed) for 3 hours picking up sticks. He also gave us sandwiches. We visited a few people, ate mint leaves and yeah.
I’m like out of time, so quick highlights. We helped a woman clean her yard that we had asked to film her cliff. Super cool. There is a LOT of smoke here. Crazy bad for us to breathe. We are in the hazardous area. Hahahaha Got a twinkie, took a good picture of a flower and visited someone at the edge of our zone. So cool!
Con amor,
El Gringo
That’s pretty much it.

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