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Week 91 – Do what???

I discovered something this week. I’m still trying to perfect the saying, but it goes something like this. “A good or bad person is not measured by wealth or knowledge. A good or bad person is measured by how they treat others. Those they love and especially those they hate”. Like I said,  I’m still trying to perfect it. But I think you get the idea. Just because you have a lot of money, that does not mean that you’re a “good person”. Just because you have all the right answers to questions, that does not mean that you are a “good person”. What makes you a “good person” is how you treat others. Jesus Christ is a perfect example of a “good person”. He loved EVERYONE. He treated EVERYONE with respect and love.

Anyway, had to get that out there. This week was so hard. Wall after wall. Sometimes the wall didn’t look like a wall. Monday, I went to Walmart, got new shaving oils, donuts and a lot of milk. Elder Brown, Elder Taylor and I went to the church. They played basketball and I took a nap. Called my family & did Mish Perfect #4. Laundry was a pain because it would not dry. Goodness. We met a veteran that fought in Afganistan. He had so many cool stories. He was in a canal, neck deep and was looking through a bush. His sweeper was behind him and he heard a voice tell him to step back. So he did. Then a bullet hit him in the helmet. He was fine, but he realized that if he was by the bush, the bullet would have hit him in the neck. He asked his sweeper if he had said anything. He said he had said nothing. The Spirit had spoken to him. Justin (name has been changed) said that he had many experiences like that one in the canal. He also said that he is looking for a church to join that had all the truth. Well lucky us… miracles are real! It’s not luck, but God sent.
Tuesday morning we had interviews with President. Nothing to say about it. We helped the Senior Center out by moving tables into bigger tables and putting table cloths over them. They gave us pizza rolls for lunch. So good! We had a really good lesson with Ray (name has been changed). Brother Stephenson came with us and had an hour long conversation. We also taught a member family that we had taught before. Super cute family. We also invited Brynna (name has been changed) to be baptized. She accepted and is super excited. Called the Silver Valley Sisters to start ideas for Facebook posts.
Wednesday Elder Peterson went on exchanges. So yeah. He and his companion came with us and the Sisters who were also on exchanges, to pull out nails. We had a Facebook meeting run by non other than me… yay. We did final edits for a few videos and yeah. We also visited a man the Lakeland 1st Elders are teaching. He loves music, so he and Elder Anderson got along fine. Elder Anderson showed some of his music. So sick! We biked to the church for Wifi for Facebook.
Thursday was MLC, so the Zone Leaders left. Elder Peterson and Elder Christensen. We helped a family move in that were apart of the 1st ward. They gave us donuts. Super nice family. Then we helped a family in our ward, Lakeland 2nd Ward, stack hay. It was actually a lot of fun. Moving one hundred and twenty pound bails was surprisingly fun. Heavy, but fun. They gave us taco salad for lunch. Super good! We also called Brynna (name has been changed). We read the Book of Mormon with her. Went well.
Friday we had Zone Council and a Biltz in the Hayden Lake area. We had lunch and then split up. Elder Bullock and I accedentily went to the wrong apartment building. Oops… found a weird rock though. We got back together and read Alma 56 as a zone. Super cool experience. We also visited a family in our neighborhood. The kids are so cute. Their girl wanted to show us her room so badly that she started to get really sad. So we went and saw her spotless clean room… cleaner than anything I’ve seen in a while. So cute. We also talked to Dan (name has been changed). We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and authority. Authority of the priesthood is SO important. Without God’s permission, we cannot be baptized and be saved… We also palm read. Elder Anderson is a fire bender, I am apparently a earth bender and Elder Peterson is… a non-bender. hahahaha!
Saturday wasn’t quite a very productive day. We did long studies, watched a missionary devotional and The District. All of our appointments and plans fell through. We did film a Before the Badge with Sister Frasche, so look for that video! It should be up on Wednesday, hopefully.
Sunday we finally had real church! Sort of. Two sessions, no other sacrament ordinances allowed, only with Bishops approval, so you need to come to church to partake of the Sacrament. It was so cool. Elder Anderson played the piano in both sessions. We had a mission wide editors meeting. It was super cool! I really liked it. Sadly we had to get off during the last few minutes. We had to talk to Sandi (name has been changed).  She told a bunch of stories again. Watched a really good video. We also called Joyce (name has been changed) in Coeur d’Alene. She… just doesn’t understand the importance of authority. Really sad that our explications didn’t help. But that’s what happens sometimes. We went to ZLC, edited a video. Well, frustratingly waited for the videos to upload on our editing system. We talked to the Sisters while we waited. Over all, Sunday I was just attacked so much by Satan. I hadn’t mentioned this, but I’ve been super angry, frustrated and upset for the past few days. Satan is real, he knows how to push my buttons. So many small things that annoy, grows into one big annoyance. Sad, but true.
Today is good so far. God is really there. He loves, though at times we can’t really see him or hear him.
Hope you have a wonderful week.
con amor,
El Gringo CR

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