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Week 90 – Goodness Me

Boy am I stressed. I didn’t realize how stressful being a facebook editor can be. I’m am 24/7 wondering if the missionaries are actually filming their posts, if they are going to make a story for their day, if they are going to turn in everything on time. We’ve been so busy that we completely forgot about our post that we were in charge of. What hypocrites we are. This week as been so hard and stressful. Hopefully today will be a chill day.

Monday was zone p-day. We played basketball in the morning. Well, the Elders did, I wrote my weekly. We did our laundry, went to Walmart for an hour and a half. Then we dropped all the groceries off and headed to the stake center. We played basketball, chair soccer, and even tie dyed shirts. My fingers got dyed purple! It was so much fun! The Timberlake Sisters in our District gave us some socks. They are so fun right? We did facebook the rest of the night. We also got gas and played a prank on Elder Taylor by putting it above our downstairs bathroom. So funny!
Tuesday we helped our friend Dan (name has been changed). On our way there a bug was trying to stay on the drivers side window. So funny! Holding on for dear life! We helped by picking up branched that he had cut off of dead trees. We put them in the bucket of his backhoe. Then he dropped the load onto his burn pile. He uses his big machinery so much that the dirt is pretty much powder! Like walking on the moon! He gave us an amazing lunch and we headed our way. We taught our video gaming friend Ray (name has been changed). Elder Peterson got a video of him playing. So cool! hahahaha. We taught the plan of salvation. Well, half of it anyway. Then we brainstormed for quality post ideas for facebook.
Wednesday we left as a district to lay sod in the other Elders area. We also moved a lot of stuff from her backyard to the front. It was actually a lot of fun to help her out! All 11 of us really liked it. The Sisters talked to her while we Elders worked. We had an Editors meeting as well. Pretty fun. Got hyped. We recorded videos for our post that we had brainstormed on tuesday. Then we talked to our amazing Tech Sisters in preparation of our stake meeting the following day. We also edited our post.
Thursday morning I was so stressed out and tired that I started to listen to the Calm app. Well, don’t do that when you’re super tired… because I fell asleep. Goodness me, I’m tired. We helped our a member family shoveling wood chips, moving branches into a burn pile and assembling a weed wacker. They let us pick blackberries and gave us donuts for our service with milk! Super nice of them. Elder Anderson got to play their piano. They really like it. We planned for our following week, edited our post video and left our our meeting in Couer d’Alene. Before the meeting, we got a Little Caesars pepperoni pizza. The Brother that was in charge of letting everyone know about the meeting hadn’t done his job. So we had a meeting with the stake presidency. I tensed up a lot during the meeting. But the stake will be helping with our facebook page! Yay! Then we had a member lesson. We also have been trying to get a trick shot for the past few days, and finally I got it!!! So proud!!!
Friday we had district council. I shared a message about The Book of Mormon. It is key to missionary work because it’s the keystone of our religion. If The Book of Mormon is false, then Joseph Smith was a false prophet, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint is not the only church on earth. But… if The Book of Mormon is the work of God, then Joseph Smith was a prophet, he did restore the Church of Christ and we need to be baptized in the true church. Everything rests on the veracity of the Book of Mormon. After lunch as a District we went to a park and planned out a Facebook live with the Sisters. They are awesome to help us out with that big task. We visited a member, he gave us drinks and we were there for forever. So frustrating to try to get out of talks with members that seem to just talk and talk and talk. Please, if you have the missionaries over ever, be conscious of the fact that they are on a schedule, and they have places to be. They can’t just sit around, wait for food to be served, and chit chat. We have things to do and people to teach. We love members with all our hearts, love their love for us, and their willingness to help. But we are on the Lords errant, not man’s, not our own, not our mission President’s, the Lord’s. Sorry, went on a tangent right there, but it’s a problem we missionaries have. An example was a girls camp activity. It was an amazing activity, but we were waiting for an hour and a half for the young women to come to our station. Then we taught about the atonement of Jesus Christ for 30 minutes and then we left. We wanted to go visit a few people, but the camp that we thought would be an hour turned into a 2 hour patience session. Goodness me. Anyway, we ended the day with scaring the other Elders. We needed to get our frustration out, so we scared the Elders. HILARIOUS REACTIONS!!!
Saturday we did facebook editing, watch a missionary devotional and visited a less active family. No one was home, so we started to leave. The Elder Anderson got memes from his brother, and Elder Peterson stopped the car, e brake and everything and said “Let’s see them now!” So we looked at them. Then a car pulled into the drive way of the house we just visited. We got out and started to talk to the only daughter of the less active family. She said she needs help getting back to living the gospel. Now those memes are sacred because they were the cause of a miracle. So yeah. The Sisters uploaded their live and challenged us to hit our fingers with a can. I did. I made a blackberry smoothie as well. And we did another Mish Perfect video. We also got our set ready for our Before the Badge videos we will be doing. Stay tuned to our page for those videos!!! We had an amazing dinner with some members. White chicken chilli was so good! Then we pranked the Sisters so they would have to back up to leave, and they pranked us by putting rocks in our UNLOCKED CAR!!! Ooops!! hahahaha We also edited the Sisters live the rest of the night.
Sunday was rough. We filmed our first Before the Badge in the morning. Finished editing the Sisters Live. Exported it while we had an amazing lunch with a member family. We came back and found it done. So we tried for 2 hours after that to upload it to facebook. Originally, the live was supposed to go up at 3pm. Well we had to change it to 6pm because of the horrible church internet. We missed so many of our lessons because of that. Then we had a sacrament meeting at the Bells with Ray (names have been changed). They fed us dinner after the meeting. Well, one of the Elders had scheduled for a dinner with another member family. He just didn’t put in into our area planner… so we had to cancel with them so we could actually eat dinner with the Bells and be on time for ZLC. So yeah… we got to ZLC, tried candid videos for the Before the Badge, but Elder Anderson said they wouldn’t work. Oh well… then the meetings ended and the Sisters started to talk to my companions. I was done with the day. I just wanted to go home and fall asleep. A Sister observed my down trodden countenance and tried to cheer me up. Well she did. She gave me Mat Damon, the otter. He will give those who hold him 20 seconds of pure bravery. So YAY!!!
I’ll be holding Mat Damon a bunch for the rest of this week and probably for a while after that as well.
Christ lives. He has a resurrected perfect body. Joseph Smith saw him in this perfect state, with all of our perfect Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ’s church has been restored to this earth. His priesthood has been given to men to do his work once again. He loves us, he wants the best for us. Though sometimes the best can seem to be the worst. He knows that we can push through. He will never give us something that we will not be able to over come.
Thank you for reading. If you’ve gotten this far, I congratulate you. You got to the end!
Con amor,
El Gringo CR

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