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Week 89 – This is the title for this week

Alright, lets cut the crap and get to the good stuff. hahahaha

Nah, just kidding!

HEY EVERYONE!!! Hope you’re doing fantastic right now! If not, well… prayer and scripture study always helps.

Monday we played basketball in the morning. Good exercise! We went to Walmart, got food (and ice cream) and did laundry. We played mission ball and “set me up”. It’s a free for all game. When you grab the ball you stay in place but can pivot. If you hit someone they have to sit down. You can pass the ball to those sitting down and tell them set me up. Then you can run and say now and they have to throw it to you. Then you try hitting someone else. If you get out, the people you got out can get up. If you are sitting down and the ball rolls to you, you can stand up and try to hit someone to get back in. So much fun! We also played Monopoly Deal, wrote letters and filled our gas tank. At the end of the day we had an amazing member lesson. They gave us Aussie root beer and hot dogs. Sadly we had to leave quickly for our Zone Kickoff! Super fun to hear one truth and a lie. So cool!
Tuesday was the 18th of August. It’s been a month since I turned 20. Crazy huh? We helped the Sisters move at 8:30am. We accidently stole some of their stuff. Kind of funny. We had an interesting conversation with our firm faith friend B. Lets just call her Becca for now. Her name has been changed. We luckily were there for only fiftyish minutes. We kind of came home a bit flustered. We we kind of wanted to get out of there within thirty minutes, but at our twenty minute chance to get out, a subject was brought up that didn’t allow us to leave. We did exchanges, so Elder A and I worked in our area. Elder P and Elder T worked in Elder T’s area. Yay! We visited a few less active members and a few friends. Then we biked to the church and Facebooked.
Wednesday the six of us, our household, helped out one of our member friends bail hay. It was actually a lot of fun! Quick with the six of us. After the fun I prepped for our Joint Facebook meeting. Then we had the meeting. It went well, I think. We had a miracle in finding someone in our neighborhood. We were just walking in the area where he said he lived and he pulled up in his truck. We talked to him for a bit. Super cool! We talked to our biking friend Dan (name has been changed). He is reading the Book of Mormon! We ate a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie and I got some Ice Cream! We also taught the sister of the twins, Tina (name has been changed). We taught about the restoration and she was willing to read the Book of Mormon! We used a glass of water to represent the church of Jesus Christ in biblical times. The water represents the clean pure word of God. Everyone would want to drink that water to quench their thirst (for the word of God) Then the great apostasy happened. The apostles all were killed and men took away or added to the clean pure water (word) of God. So I added grass, dirt and rocks to the glass of water. Now no-one will want to drink out of it. Sure, you can take out the rocks and some grass, but you will never be able to get the dirt out. This is what happened to the doctrine of Christ. So, there was a need of a restoration, a new glass of water. Pretty cool analogy! I got it from a Sister in my zone.
Thursday we pulled nails again. Super fun! Then we planned, planned and planned. The other Elders rode bikes as well. Facebook and yeah . . .
Friday we had Joint District Council. We will be using the Book of Mormon when we are trying to find new people to teach. We finished our weekly planning and tried to find a few people. Most were not home. Then I called a friend from back home!!! We get like an hour a week to talk to friends from back home. I was thinking people I could contact and one of my friends popped into my head. A sudden impression to contact her hit me. So I acted and I set up a time to talk. Background info on how we met. I actually met her on an airplane on our way back from Utah in 2017. We talked for like 3 hours straight on the plane! So I couldn’t wait until Saturday to talk to her! Oh, at the end of the day we forgot so many thing in the church that we had to go back like 5 times. The last one was pretty late. Like 9:10pm. Kind of spooky. To add to the spookiness of the night, our monthly miles was an interesting number. Also, Elder Christensen just hit his year mark!
Saturday morning we went out of our zone, got permission, to split wood! It was actually a lot of fun! We were there for three hours. We got donuts though! The assistants came and took Elder P, so Elder A and I got to call my friend back home! It was such a delight to talk to her, see how she was doing and just relax a bit. She is SO awesome! Can’t wait till we talk to her again! We did Facebook live editing and yeah!
Sunday we saw our video game friend Ray (name has been changed) at church! His member friend gave a talk during church. We helped with sacrament in both sessions. Kind of fun! We had a good talk with our big foot loving friend Sandy (name has been changed). She is doing well. We talked to Tina (name has been changed). She had a sudden desire to research our religion and maybe get baptized!! So cool! We started planning for our first Before the Badge, so stay tuned on our page! The Church of Jesus Christ in Couer D’Alene. Check it out! Also, at the end of the day, I found my alpargatas from Argentina! I wore them while I did a Mish Perfect shot. (Dude Perfect but missionary style) Kind of a cool shot!
So yeah, that was this week. Kind of crazy stuff. But one thing is, when we do our best, God will make up the rest. He loves us. 

Thank q for reading!
Con amor,
El Gringo Cr

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