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Week 88 – Trials and Games

Hello! Lets just jump into this week!

P-day we played some basketball in morning. I got super tired from playing really hard that morning. We got back, started our laundry and left to Walmart. We shopped for some items that you wouldn’t quite expect. I got myself a bluetooth keyboard. So with the mouse and the keyboard, I’ve got myself a computer sitting on my desk. Not as “good” as a normal computer, but we work with what we can get. Then we came home, cleaned up and left for zone P-day. We played basketball, volleyball and kickball!!! It was so much fun to get almost the entire zone to play a game together. No points of course, and no winners, but it was so much fun anyways. Called our families and such. Played Monopoly Deal. Well, I didn’t but a couple of missionaries did. Then we got ready and left to a wheat field to get some pictures of our Sisters for a Facebook Ad. Well, it was way to bright for a picture and it would have turned out horrible. So we said to meet up later that night at 8pm. The Sisters went to the church and made phone calls and such. We went to a family home evening at a member home. They are such an awesome family! They committed to help out our friend H, with coming to church. So cool! Then we went to the wheat field to find the Sisters getting back into their truck. The owner of the field had asked his neighbor if he knew who was in the truck. The neighbor went outside and asked. The Sisters said that they were missionaries and were just taking pictures, taking advantage of the sunset. He left, and they kept on taking pictures. Well, he came back out and told them that his neighbor, the owner, had called the police and told them to leave. They were hopping in their car when we pulled up. They told us to get going with them because the cops were coming. So we flipped a u-turn and went to the church. Luckily they did take pictures, which turned out really well. Sadly, they were to “happy” for our “sad” ad. Yeah . . .

Tuesday morning, we had a lot of service time. We helped a family move some furniture into a truck and in their home. Then we helped someone in the other Elders area with his backyard. We cleaned out some weeds in his gravel. We also were pulling out weeds in a ditch. Elder A had a pick and was pulling up the dirt so we could pull out the weeds easier. He accidentally hit a water line. The ditch immediately flooded with water. So funny! We turned off the water as fast as we could, said sorry, and kept on working. Then, the man we were helping, told us to meet him at McDonalds. Yeah, he fed us lunch. We talked to another man that is an atheist. Gosh, I sure am glad I believe in God. He was an interesting person. He’s written three book! Looking for a way to self publish. We also had a nice video call with B. Nice to see her again.
Wednesday morning, Elder S left to Spokane. He’s gone! Then we helped out some members in the Sisters area. We pulled nails out of boards, as well as staples. So much fun! But, we had to leave quick for another service. We helped a member in our ward pull weeds, making a chicken feed and sweeping a garage. The member gave us some lunch after that. Then her daughter texted us from their house down the hill in their backyard. She wanted us to talk her son and nephew. We were there for a while though. So we were late for our next appointment with big foot lady. Had an amazing Book of Mormon study with broken leg B. She is doing really well.
Thursday was full of planning, devotionals and a few lessons. We talked to three people. Our video game friend R. We taught about the importance of repentance and the sacrament. It went really well. We also talked to our old friend D. He had just gotten back from a bike ride, forgot his keys inside, so climbed a step ladder into a small window. Kind of funny. We shared a lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel. He said he will reinforce his efforts in his studies of the Book of Mormon. After our visit, mother nature called two of the three of us. We used the woods to comply with her demands. We also talked to our twin friends and her Sister. An interesting conversation without any gospel related subject. We also talked to our Tech Sisters. Love them so much! They are so awesome!

Friday we finally took out the trash again. Our bucket was full and over flowing with trash. So gross! We had a super good District Council lead by our new District Leader, Elder B. We ate Dairy Queen for lunch together as a District. We set up church services for Sunday and wrote screenplays for future Facebook posts. We also played mission ball during dinner. Super fun! Also, Elder P broke a lightbulb from a lamp we were using as lighting for a Facebook live practice. Loved planning for it. Oh, and a while back, Elder B was jumping into his bed, and Elder C recorded his epic fail. I made a GIF out of it. Kind of funny!

Saturday, basketball in the morning. We mowed a member’s lawn. The same lawn we mowed awhile ago. We also swept out his carport. Nice to sweep again. We cleaned out a grill as well. Then we practiced our Facebook live. It was so hard to see our fails in our test videos we took. A few time we said something wrong. A missionary accidentally said “take upon us his sins” referring to Christ and his mission on earth. Hahahaha! So funny.
Sunday we had four people at church!! YAY! So many good services! A few over the phone, but it’s the same! We also had Zone Leadership Council and I wasn’t apart of it! Facebook editors are no longer required to be apart of the meeting. I found the meetings boring to tell the truth. Elder P also made a water milkshake. In the bathroom because of how loud it was!
This week was so crazy! Trials are hard to go through. This past week I found one that has been given to me. I don’t know what to do about it, but I know God knows the best way to handle such situations. He loves us. I say this so much, but I don’t apologize and will not apologize for saying it so much. IT IS TRUE. He lives, he loves and he cares. Pray, and he WILL answer. In his time, not ours.
Thank you so much for reading!
Have a lovely week.
El Gringo Cr

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