Mission Letters

Week 87 – Turbotastic

Hola! This week was crazy, long and I don’t know what else.
Monday was a good day. I got shorts, jeans, and a tshirt. We also played “mission ball”! You basically get in a circle, juggle the ball with your feet until four hits. On the fourth hit, the ball can be grabbed and thrown at another player. If you yet hit, and don’t catch it, you lose a life or receive a different consequence. If you catch it, you can throw it at another person. We also played 5 minute dungeon and defeated all 5 bosses! Ate Duo KitKats. Made my favorite cake! Super good! Elder Bo thought I was putting BBQ on the cake when I was pouring some fudge on it. Super funny and yummy! Then we visited a few people and Facebooked at the church.
Tuesday we called up a guy from Elder A’s old mission in Ecuador. I had an hour long call with him. Nice to practice my Spanish. Other than that we were told that God has not body and never has, got fed by an amazing friend of ours, called up a few friends, Facebooked and had an amazing call with our broken footed friend B. She was super receptive to our questions and comments. I love her so much, she is so awesome!
Wednesday we had a crazy good yet long service in the other Elders area. We picked up branches and trees that were cut, cleared out old barn doors and put in new barn doors. Also Elder P tried some wild berries. Then we had a delicious lunch! Their banana, egg, celery, etc. smoothie was yummy! So yummy we were late for our Facebook meeting. Quick info for the zones though. Then we had an editors meeting after that. We also contacted a referral we got from a member. Hopefully a future service opportunity.
Thursday we did a lot of exchanges. Elder C was not feeling good so one of us of the house stayed while everyone else left to work. We did a bunch of time on Facebook. Had Dairy Queen for lunch. Elder Bo and I visited a few people. Saw a sign that he liked. We also had another super good call with our broken footed friend B. A few young women hopped on the call as well!
Friday we had zone council in person. Had to wear masks. Not a big deal. Great council though. Lunch, studies, dinner and then exchanges again. Elder Bo and I made calls, Facebooked, and visited a guys that believes in every single religion the world has to offer. After our interesting conversation, a little girl came up and asked us who we were. Missionaries, we talke about Jesus Christ. She said she knew who Christ was and watched a movie about his crucifixion. He loves us and cares for us. Then she told us “well you have a blessed night”! Ohhhh! She touched my heart! So sweet! Just remembering that moment lightens me up.
Saturday we helped a friend of the other Elders move a bunch of her stuff to a storage unit. She kind of got drunk in between our first and second trip. So on the second trip she was kind of driving… yeah. We told her to stay home for our last trip. We have a saying for anything that is done or I guess messed up we say “See ya!” It was funny to see that on the back of an RV. For our last trip, we needed to move the truck bac a bit, but we couldn’t drive it because of the rules. So we tired putting it in neutral and pushing it up a hill. It didn’t work. Came home, stayed with Elder C and talked about the second coming of Jesus Christ and the millennium. Then we had a lunch with a member family. Such a wonderful family! Loved the food of course, but love the family a bit more. So much fun! We did Facebook after that and yeah.
Sunday we had a good Sunday Devotional with our big foot hunting friend S. We shared the 20 minute Restoration video with her. She really liked it. Had the Sacrament with a member and he taught us about where most other churches come from. We had a really good dinner. Chicken tacos are good stuff. Had a great conversation with a few people in our neighborhood. Agency is so necessary for our happiness. ZLC after that.
This week I learned a lot and gained a stronger faith in what we teach. One thing I know for sure, is that the English language is crazy weird. Another thing that I know is that The Book of Mormon is the work of God. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the church of God. The Bible teaches in Ephesians 2: 19-20 that the church of Christ was and needs to be founded upon apostles and prophets. This should be one of the first of many things to look for in a church. Apostles and Prophets are key to revelation for the world. I know President Russell M. Nelson is called of God. He is His called Prophet on this earth. Listen to him and we will be directed on the path to our Heavenly Parents.
Jesus Christ Lives
Con amor,
El Gringo Cr

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