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Week 86 – Transfers Mid-transfer???

WOW, was this week long. I cannot believe how long this week felt. I feel like Monday was last month. So crazy how a week can fly by like a bullet, and then the following week can be so slow as a snail crossing a sidewalk. This work truly is exciting!
Talking about Monday. In the morning, Elder S and I went to Walmart. We were there for an hour and a half. I finally found a pair of jeans that actually fit me. Yes, they are still boys jeans. They fit perfectly though. I also got myself a little birthday gift to go along with my families birthday gift that gave me. 5 Minute Dungeon, the expansion pack and I got myself 5 Minute Marvel! We played those games in the morning. So much fun!!! Then we went over to a members property and had a District P-day. We threw frisbees, kicked a small soccer ball, and played this game that was a mix of soccer and handball. We also had some amazing hamburgers that Elder S made. Fun stuff. Then we went home, changed and helped the other Elders that live with us with a Facebook video. Had Ice Cream. Yeah . . .
Tuesday we had a District service opportunity. We dug a hole for a cement pad. The member we were helping is going to put an old plow on top. Elder B decided to die on the spot, so we prepared for his burial service. Just kidding! We broke cement rocks to put in the hole. The Sisters cleaned out a goat pen. They had to wear masks to clean, but they still got dusted out. Then Elder P, Elder S and Elder Bo had to leave. Elder C and I stayed with the Sisters to eat a lunch with the member family. Their taquitos were so good! During lunch, the Sisters were coughing SO much. Poor Sisters. The husband showed us all his hobbies that he loves. He wood carved a Jackalope and put real emeralds on it. So cool! After lunch, Elder C and I visited our firm faith friend B. We will be dropping her pretty soon. We were pretty much teaching a brick wall. She is super sweet though! Sad she is not open to our message. We exchanged back to our normal companionships, then drove to Spokane to pick up our new companion! Elder A is from Vernal Utah and knows a girl I met in Costa Rica when she went down for a vacation trip! Such a small world. We were a bit late because the pick up building was miscommunicated. We got him though! A “transfer” mid-transfer. We got home, ate dinner and had an amazing video call with our broken legged friend, B. She is so awesome. It was a great lesson!
Wednesday was our much anticipated, yet much dreaded, Joint Zone Facebook Meeting! Apparently it went well. In the middle of the meeting, as a few Elders were explaining their process of making quality videos, we got a phone call. A member was at the church and needed help getting in. So we muted our audio, stopped our video and ran down the halls to open the door. We said hi, bye and sprinted back to our meeting. We got back, got situated, settled and turned everything back on. Then we finished the meeting. It went well. After the meeting we started “baptizing” Elder A’s Facebook account. We also had a really good lesson with our old friend Veteran, R. The one who loves video games. We let him know that if we plan out what we will do once we get a response from God, he will give us an answer to our questions. He said he would try it out. A good lesson!
Thursday, while we were planning out our day, our Elder roommates got a text message. They had taught someone a while back that was diagnosed with Covid on Tuesday of this week. So we asked our mission medical worker what to do. She said quarantine until Saturday at 5pm. So we did just that.
Friday, quarantine full of phone calls, missionary devotionals and food.
Saturday, was quarantine until 5pm. Then we talked to some less active twins. Purple haired A and blue haired L. They are super fun! Then we did Facebook editing the rest of the night. Uploading a Facebook premiere took forever.
Sunday morning we had ward coordination. Went well. We had a meeting after with our ward mission leader. Talked about progressing people in our area. We stopped by a returning member family that we haven’t seen in a while. The family with the tarantulas. We actually had a very engaged lesson with them. It was a success! We also had a church service with our big foot hunting friend, S. We had a good discussion about 3 Nephi 9. Then she gave us a bunch of produce from her garden. So nice of her! We also saw her dogs. Then we surprised our knowledgeable friend, D. He’s the older fellow that bikes a bunch. We got there and awkwardly waited until he was done pressure washing his tractor. Then he surprised us with a sudden desire to know for himself the story and veracity of The Book of Mormon. It blew our minds! A small miracle! Then we had a church service with a member family and our veteran, video game player, R. Nice and sweet! Dinner and ZLC. Then I wrote a screenplay draft for my Before the Badge Facebook video. It’s a series we’ll be doing every week. Called the Sisters and said goodnight!
One thing I know for sure. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Joseph Smith was the translator of said book. He reestablished Jesus Christ’s church upon the earth. The teachings that are taught are Christ’s teachings. He lives, he loves us, he cares for us.
Love you all! Thank you for reading!
Con amor,
El Gringo CR

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