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Week 85 – A Tender Mercy

Hola a todos! Como están? Hope y’all are doing well.

This week was pretty good. Crazy stuff happened.
Monday we got our car washed. It was so much fun vacuuming, washing and drying out car. I really enjoyed it. We got some Wendy’s right after that. Good burger, fries and frosty. Elder P wanted to get a roping rope as well, so we got him one. Then we went to the church, played volleyball, basketball and yeah. My feet cramped up a bunch. I needed more water. We enjoyed being with the entire zone. Talking to one another, playing card games and just joking around is always fun. After the fun we got a call from a member asking us if we were coming over. We didn’t tell her we were planning on coming over prior her call. So we were a bit confused when she told us we were coming over. So we went over. We parked across her home in the trailer park and started hopping out. Then her son and daughter in law pulled up behind us, waving at us. We loved the car and they parked not in the spot we were in, but one to the left. That kind of frustrated us. Then her granddaughter came over and said she could talk with us. We needed one more female or a male to go inside the members home. So the granddaughter went and asked her Dad if he would come over. He came over and told us he and his daughter couldn’t talk to us. Then they left. So we talked to the member for an hour. She has hard core dementia, so it was a bit frustrating to talk to her. She would repeat something like 10 times.  Just some human frustration. We were late for an editors meeting because of the long talk. When we got on, there were four Sister companionships already talking. Kind of weird being the only Elders on the call. I got super pumped from the call. Facebook can be super helpful. Once we got home though, all the stress and the “sugar high” from the call all came down on me. I pretty much died going to bed. Horrible nightmares.
Tuesday we spent a lot of time doing Facebook. Planning it all out. Had ice cream for lunch. Oh before lunch, while we were at the church, we got upgraded to our merged Facebook page to editors. This time we were in the foyer, instead of the primary. I got a feeling to look to my right and I saw an RV pull in front of the church. We ran to another glass door and sure enough my family hopped out of the RV. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I decided not to wave at them, but my companion took a picture of them and waved as well. Then they left. They were taking pictures all around Rathdrum for me to find and take pictures at as well. So crazy. The rest of the day was dull compared to that.
Wednesday we did a fun service in the morning at the Senior Center. We helped move boxes and stuff from a Storage unit to the center for a huge rummage sale. Lunch and then we did Facebook. We also did a Purposeful walk service. Two guys were moving dirt to their backyard, so we helped shovel dirt into Wheelbarrows. Fun stuff. We played a prank on the Sisters. We flipped their world upside down. So funny!
Thursday we had Zone Conference. We had to wear masks in the hallways, but other than that we were good. I got my birthday package. Thank you family!

We were there from 8 am to 4 pm. It was such a wonderful meeting. We got to know the tech Sisters that are over our page. They have so much energy and hype for Facebook. We also were privileged to listen to a piano and violin duet that was so beautiful. So wonderful!


Friday morning we helped out the Senior Center with their rummage sale. We sorted boxes, helped customers and talked to a bunch of veterans. We took some pretty cool pictures, in the car, of a deer and of a road. Yeah!

Saturday we played Basketball in the morning. Then we helped out a fun run. There was a quick sprint, half mile, mile and 5K run. We guided the mile and 5K runners. We stood out in the sun a bunch and I got burned. Yay! *sarcasm* We also played Concentration together. One time the category was countries and I said Utah! Hahahaha oops! During the day I saw something that I said we needed to go back to get photographic evidence. Yeah, it’s a rainbow okay?!
Sunday we went to church for three different meetings. One at 9, 10:30 and 12 am. We also had a few other church services at different homes. We had a total of 4 people attend a church service. Yay! We also helped the Sisters in our District with Sacrament. Always a privilege to help with the Sacrament.
That was this week. I’ll be trying to cut the days down to just highlights. I’m burning myself up. I do it for you, my readers.
Thank you for following my mission adventures!
Con amor,
El Gringo CR

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