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Week 84 – How old am I?

Hello my friends. Welcome back to my blog. Glad you’re here. Some of my stories are pretty cool, right? I do want to just say my posts may be coming in late due to the travel of my family across the United States. They don’t have good internet, so they have areas where they cannot post anything. Please be patient. I know my posts are SO interesting *said with a hint of sarcasm*
This week went by so quick. Glad I could be here for it. Before we get into it, I forgot to mention an awesome thing that happen on Sunday of last week. We were coming back from ZLC, stopped at a red light. An icecream truck was just in front of us, turning left towards us. Her driver’s side didn’t have a door, so we could clearly see she was on the phone. She was kind of serious while talking on her phone. While she was turning, we waved at her. She suddenly lit up, and tried waving at us with a HUGE smile on her face. We felt so good after that. It truly made our day, and we are sure her’s as well. She looked so happy!
Anyway . . .
Monday was an amazing P-day. In the morning we planned and got ready for the day. We started our laundry, played BANG and other card games. Then we left to North 40. That store is SO big and SO awesome!!! Elder B and Elder C purchased roping ropes. Sister H in our district has one. She brought it to one of our zone P-days and Elder B & Elder C loved using it. So they decided to get one of their own. After being there for a good hour looking at all there was, we dropped the Elders off at Walmart and picked up our dry cleaning. My ties are so clean now! When we got back to Walmart, the Elders had already finished shopping. I still needed a pair of jeans, so we ran over to the boys section, grabbed a 16 something pair of jeans and ran to the check out just in time to help pay for all the groceries. Then we left, went home and chilled for the rest of the day. The jeans were boot fit, so they were way to wide at the bottom. Better luck next time. Elder S and Elder P played more card games while Elder B and Elder C used their new ropes. They even started Jousting! That was fun to watch, especially when one had both legs caught. Timbeeeerrrrr!!! Hahahahahaha. I called my family while all of this was going on. Then we put away all of our toys and got dressed for work. We tried visiting a few people in our neighborhood, but no one was available. Then we visited our friend H. He was a bit stressed about his brothers wedding that was scheduled for the next day. He didn’t have a white shirt or a tie, so we did our best to get him something. A member just donated a few white shirts from her recently deceased son, so we got one of those. Elder P decided to give H one of his ties. It was actually a tie that he wore to one of his siblings weddings. How ironic. While we were gone, we got gas for our car. I decided to get some Gatorade at the gas station. Same one that my sister had during my call with them. We got back and gave him the white shirt and tie. He showed us a Robin’s nest in one of his bushes. What a blue egg! While we were talking to him, his little sister S was a bit rowdy and super hyper. We were outside and she would throw a ball around, steal our name tags and take H’s gifts. She was super cute, but super hyper. I played with her while Elder P invited H to be baptized. He said yes!!! Just in 2 months he’ll get baptized. Long time, but we will try to move up his date.

Tuesday morning we helped a friend of a member with her backyard. Our friend Brother G came with us. We pulled plastic grass liner, moved rocks and dirt for a flower bed, dug holes for trees, put in plastic grass liner and even weeded her yard. During our hard work, she gave us really good lemonade. Loved it. Then she fed us lunch! Barbecue pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw and chips, topping it off with apple pie and ice cream! SO good! Then we set up appointment lessons and did a few studies. We then went over to the zone leaders area to do a baptismal Interview! He was super cool and firm in what he believes. He lives on a street name “covenant street”. He practically is living on the covenant path to God. Sadly on Saturday, his date to be baptized, he bailed and said he wants to get closer to God alone, like Nephi. We are still working with him. Then we went over to B’s. Like I said last time, she is super firm in her belief. When we taught the plan of salvation, she kind of freaked out. She was super bold and defensive. It was crazy to see a super sweet young woman go at it with her doctrine. She even said Joseph Smith was apostate! No man has seen God, apparently. It’s good though, we love her to pieces. She is like a sister to us. So much fun! When we came back home we were actually pumped and more firm in our beliefs. Then we did exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Elder S and I stayed in my area. We checked up with our old video game player R. He was doing well. Planned for a church service on Sunday at his member friends home, the B. We worked on their landscaping before. Rocks if you remember. Then we made some calls at the church and visited R and J. We threw knives and other sharp weapons. Sadly no lesson. We called our broken footed friend B. We read 1 Nephi 8 with her and a young woman member. We talked about being examples now a days. Important stuff for a teenager. *wink wink*

Wednesday we did service at a members home moving sod and leveling dirt piles. G. S. is so sweet. Her brother is too! She has this cute little gnome house in her backyard. Yeah, that’s a stump! They gave us Dairy Queen burgers, fries, and milkshakes for lunch too. So sweet! Elder S made some no bake cookies. Two types, both really good. We tried visiting a few people. On our way we saw a deer and a beautiful back area that we didn’t know about. Let’s go Northern Idaho!!! Sunflower photos, etc. We also talked to S, the big foot hunter. She showed us her Pika Poms. When we wrapped up the night, Elder S opened a package he got from home. His Mom made masks for everyone. I got cupcakes . . . yay.
Thursday we had Interviews with President T. It was super nice to see him. He gave us a few tips on Facebook posts. Oh, our page got deleted fyi. We merged with the Couer d’Alene zone. Though, we are still the editors over the page. Exciting stuff! So go like our page, we need the help. I got to eat some ‘merican candy. Nice to have some more. Then we did service at the senior center as a district. We helped move donations in and around the center. We also loaded a trailer and unloaded it from a storage unit. They fed us lunch for our service. They also gave us a home gift. Kind of cute. Other than that, only one thing is worth mentioning. Always check if a free editing program requires payments at the end. I know, confusing. But after an hour of editing and seeing a permanent watermark all over your video, you kind of get frustrated. Not fun. Just make sure you get free stuff without watermarks on your video that you edited before editing.
Friday morning we had District Council. I played the piano. I’m proud of myself for doing that. I don’t like playing in front of others, just around others if you get me. We had Taco Bell over stories about reassigned missionary experiences. One Elder was in the middle of a gang fight. Kind of scary. We had an hour editors meeting, explaining the new procedures as merged pages. It is a bit tricky, because we are the pioneers of this new initiative. After, we talked to our old knowledgeable friend D. He talked about border changes in the earlier days just because of my name. He also talked about cycling. Sadly, we didn’t talk about the gospel. We also visited a member home. We needed their help with H. While we were there one of their sons cracked us up. He explained, “Sometimes I’m digging in mines in minecraft and I find diamonds and my Mom tells me to do something and I’m like Mom I can’t do that right now, I just found diamonds and then I get mad and do this *hilarious angry face*.” It was SO funny and super cute!!! Hahahahahahaha. After the funny encounter we went over to R and J’s. They had about 100+ people from all over the states camped out on their yard and their neighbors yard. Medieval Knight battle stuff. Huge group ready to fight. We didn’t stop and talk though. Elder C broke a plate. We also watched a video that proved the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Top 10 Evidences of the Book of Mormon by Jamie Huston. Pretty interesting, not doctrine, but interesting. We came home to an island full of food from a member in the other Elders ward. We have so much food!!! Did my family friday call. Someone had an accident three minutes prior my call. Yeah, there was blood so I was a bit queasy.
Saturday was and is my birthday, so yay! I turned twenty at 9:40 pm (Idaho time). Fun to know exactly when I was born. Do you know exactly when you were born? Better find out. I wanted to do a slow motion video of my hair. It’s kind of wack. We played Basketball in the morning for our excercise. Fun stuff. Then we went with Elder B to a service project in his area. His companions were in a meeting. We separated big rocks from little rocks. We were almost done when the other Elders arrived. They went out back and planted some plants. While we were working the Sisters in our District called. I answered not thinking much. Then they started singing happy birthday. So sweet of them to do that for me. I really love these Sisters. They are so awesome! When we finished the rocks, we helped plant out back as well. They gave us some pizza for our work. Talked a little bit about the church, how it buys property and missions in general. We were grateful for their kindness. We got back and I called my family for my birthday. They said that Monday nightthey would be in Couer d’Alene! WHOA there!!! That is like a few minutes south of where I’m living. Kind of crazy. They also sang happy birthday to me and let me know that they’ll be dropping of a birthday package at the mission office pretty soon. We had joint zone roleplay after that. Our entire zone was at least five minutes early!!! Go team Hayden Lake! They all sang happy birthday to me, the Sisters in our District had the idea. So very sweet! At one point we were waiting for everyone to jump back onto the zoom call. One of the sisters in our zone was making a beat with her fist on the table in front of her. No audio of course, everyone likes to stay muted. It looked like she wanted to play rock, paper, scissors. So I raised a fist in my open hand and she reacted with the same. She was kind of surprised. We moved our fists into our open hands, three times and shot our luck. I won! It was so funny because there was no verbal communication, just visual. So funny!! There is a trick. Most people use scissors because that is the last thing you say before you shoot. Your brain just wants to visualize the last thing you say. So if you shoot rock in your first game, you are pretty sure to win. Secret is out now. We took pictures up at a returning members home right by Twin Lakes. Pretty good pictures. Elder B got a really nice phone from his Dad just a few days before, so I got to “play” with it a bit. Good photos. Then we went to R and J’s home. They had those 100+ people on their property right. Well we talked to a few people earlier in the day. They are super nice, not so good language, but super nice. One of the fighters is actually sponsored and travels the States and Europe to fight. There are different leagues for Medieval fighting. He was apart of one that uses steel weapons. He had a bunch of dents in his steel helmet from huge Russians dropping blunted axes on his head. Kind of crazy. When we got there in the evening, they were doing foam sword fights. Every cried, “it’s the mormons! Get in here and fight!!!” So we did. Elder P and I went at each other for a minute or two. Everyone was going crazy!!! Seeing mormons fight each other must have been an event. They said they would be talking about us all night. A few others fought, and then R came over with a cigar in his mouth, challenging Elder Peterson to a fight. They went ham on each other. Elder P kind of went crazy, and was sorry for stomping on his cigar. So funny though! A few of them started to wrestle. I would put the video up, but they needed more clothing on to do that. Crazy birthday, I’d say.
Sunday morning Elder S gave me his chocolate that he didn’t like. What he didn’t know was that they were my favorite when I was in Costa Rica, so it was a nice treat to be given. We had a church service at big foot hunter S’s home. A sister in our ward came with us. We showed “the will of God” video and talked about how God cuts us down so we can grow into what we are meant to be. When we invited her to be baptized she said God told her to wait. So we will wait. We also had a service with a lonely member. He taught is a lesson about the creation and the importance of the priesthood. A really good reminder. We had the sacrament with him. We also had a great service at the B’s with our old video gamer R. N. We watched, “The Purifying Power of Gethsemane,” by Bruce R. McConkie. It was so good! We shared a bit on what we felt. I had never really realized the pain he went through for us. When I was listening to the talk, I realize how much pain and suffering he went through for me. For everyone in the entire world. Only the Son of God could do this. Loved the talk. We were fed dinner after that. Really yummy. Then we had Zone Leadership Council. We had to call in because we had a phone church service right before. We were actually late because they lady wouldn’t stop talking about the “Mormon Bible”. We clarified a few times, but she kept on calling it a bible. Oh well.
So that is this week! It was kind of crazy, but I’m glad I could be apart of this work. I’m twenty now so yay! I am officially not a teenager, as some would say.
God lives.
I love you guys. Thank q for reading!
Con amor,
El Gringo CR

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