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Week 82 – It’s Been a Week?

What a crazy week. I cannot believe Monday was just a week ago. This week felt like a month, at least. When we truly lose ourselves in the work of God, time flies but is SO satisfying. I love this work. Oh, I competely forgot to mention this. I am currently working in Rathdrum Idaho. This is my area, and I love it!
This week was a bit weird. Monday was SO much fun though. No headache like last week. This week we stayed home, had a really good breakfast, cleaned the apartment, washed the car and played card games while the other companionship went to the store to get groceries. When they came back, the Sisters came by and picked up a bench press for the other Elders in our zone. After doing some small adjustments around the house, we left to the stake center. We played Basketball, card games and talked. I worked on my email. We did these things until the entire zone arrived at the stake center. Love having zone P-days. We had Panda Express for lunch. Not bad! Everyone brought water balloons. We had like 600 water balloons! One of the Elders whipped a water balloon. It kind of worked. We had a super epic water balloon fight. SO MUCH FUN!!! We took a before and after photo. Two Sisters got tubs of water dumped on their head from the water balloon tube. SO funny! They were drenched. I called my family and visited with them for a while. After a few minutes, we finally figured out a Google Drive problem. After having amazing P-day activities, we returned to work. We called a few people, setting up appointment later in the week. I ate some strawberries that reminded me of Costa Rica. We called up our friend with a baptismal date. The one that broke her foot by stepping into a hole trying to get her horse. We taught about the importance of eternal marriage. We invited her to watch the Book of Mormon videos. After that we returned home.
Tuesday at 9:30 we had a call with our friend that believes in Big Foot and a Sister in the Ward. We read 3 Nephi 3, but we had to dip early. So they kept at it and finished the chapter. So cool. We had to leave early because we had an editors meeting over Zoom. We drove and listened into the meeting. When we got the the stake center, they were just finishing. After the meeting we had a zone Breakfast! Then we had a Joint District Council. (Zone Council). After that we said good bye to those leaving the zone. Thursday was transfer day. We wrote in their transfer journals and left. We had lunch, language study and watched a devotional for missionaries. We called a few friends, but many didn’t answer. After all that fun stuff we had dinner, went on a Purposeful Walk and left to visit an old friend of the Elders. She was so sweet and played the piano super well! Then Elder P and I were trained by our companion,  Elder B, on how to manage our zones Facebook page. Look it up, it is called Disciples of Jesus Christ in Hayden Idaho! Like it! I help post everyday now! We did that for a while. Then we got pizza because I wanted pizza.

Wednesday was a super boring day. We studied SO much. We had all our study hours in the morning. Companion, language etc. We cleaned the church for an hour, did our Facebook editing, watched Abinidi drop shots at Noah and his priests, and found the Sisters down the hall doing calls. We tried to visit a friend, but he wasn’t home. We went to a member home by the lake. Super pretty! Share a message with her out by the lake. We also played a friends Didgeridoo! It was plastic though. After that we found out that the zone got two news since Joint District Council. The Zone Leaders said then, that if we got two new by transfers, they would wax their legs. They waxed their legs.
Thursday was transfer day. We left our home with all of Elder B’s stuff at 9:00 am. We dropped of him, his stuff and I at a pair of Elders apartment. Elder P and another Elder left for a leadership meeting. Since Elder B is leaving, Elder P is now District Leader. Elder B’s companions came and picked him up. I stayed with the Elders at their apartment. We pulled weeds at a member house for a good 2 hours. Then Elder P got back from his leadership meeting. We returned home, ate dinner and biked to church. Elder P doesn’t have a driving card, so we can’t drive anywhere. So we biked to the church and did Facebook. BIG NEWS. I am now the new Facebook Editor for our zone!!! Seriously, check out our Facebook page. Before I left to come here, I did not want to be a Facebook missionary. Like, AT ALL. Looks like God had different plans. But imagine this, I actually LIKE being an editor. After editing we called our broken legged friend. We read 1 Nephi 5-6. She really likes reading with us. Then we headed back home, on bikes.
Friday was, well, another boring day. We woke up, daily planned and I called my family. Friday’s we can call for thirty minutes. So I called. They were at a hotel waiting for their flight in a few hours. Now my family is moving from Costa Rica to Virginia! Going to miss Costa Rica. Funny thing is, when I called them they were in th same spot as one of my Dads first picturea of Costa Rica. We started there and are now ending there. Loved living there. After talking to them, we did workouts, Breakfast, weekly planning, companion study, and lunch. Then we went to the church and sent our mission vehicle coordinator some driving documents to get Elder P a driving card. We have this box on our car, we named her Cheryl. We put out painted rocks on our front porch when we came home for lunch. Then we went and helped a friend with moving a few heavy tables. Her deceased husband had a caboose in their front yard. We got to go inside. It was full of Hornet nests, but other than that it was in pretty good condition. She has a wonderful backyard. It goes all the way to the lake. She has so much faith in Jesus Christ! We talked for a good forty minutes about Christ and churches. After our sweet conversation we returned, got Elder P’s driving card and drove to a member to help him out. He is on oxygen so he can’t do much. We helped him get groceries. He invited us for pizza on Saturday. We gladly accepted. Then we did Facebook planning. We did that for a good 2 hours. Then we came home and had District prayer, like all nights.
‘MERICA!!! Saturday is the Fourth of July!!! So grateful for this country. We are in a rough spot right now, but if we all remember God and his power, we can get through these times. We played Basketball that morning. So fun! We had a service laying out rocks for yard decor. They had really pretty Rose bushes that hurt so much to get under. After the service we got Dairy Queen and had a District Lunch. We have a new Sister in town. She is super cool! After lunch we had studies, Joint Zone Roleplay and headed over to the oxygen needing member. We got Papa Murphy’s and listened to his mission stories in Alaska. He showed us his Whale tooth and Walrus Oosik. Yeah, an Oosik. No need to explain. We did Facebook posts after that. I played a bit of piano as well. We had to be home at seven pm, so we came home. We called our families and played card games. My family had just arrived from the airport. So cool to be in the same country for the Fourth of July!!! Love you Family!


Sunday we had four sacrament meetings. The first was the five man in our home. Then we had a zone sacrament meeting over Facebook Video. So there is two. We then followed up on some past member commitments. Glad to hear they actually did them. Then we had an AMAZING sacrament with our broken legged friend and her family. (Meeting Number three) A member came with us as well. Such a good discussion on conversion. We then visited an awesome man, G. He was the one that helped move dead wood with his orange tractor a few weeks back. He showed us his property. One of their horses is named Hamburger, because that is what G wants to do with him. Then we visited our Big Foot believing friend. She told us of her litters her dogs just had. She is selling them for like 400 bucks each. Pomeranian something. We read 3 Nephi 4 with her. Had a good discussion. Then we had dinner at a member home. A friend of their’s and ours came over. We had fish!!! It was so good! They also gave us snickerdoodles! To return their generosity, we gave the Brother a blessing. After a filling dinner and the blessing, we went to the stake center and gave the Sisters in our District the sacrament. Our fourth sacrament that day. Happy we could help though! Then Elder P had a zone leadership meeting, so I stayed with Elder Bo to do Facebook for that day. Then we returned home and went to bed.

I am so grateful to be a missionary. It is hard, but it is so worth it! I love God. He lives. This is His church. Ask God and he will answer. I promise YOU.
I love you guys! Thank you so much for reading, it means MORE than you know!
Have a fantastic week!
El Gringo CR

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