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Week 81 – Service Service Service!!!

Hola hola hola a todos!

Hi there friends, family, maybe even strangers!!! *hand wave*
I hope y’all are doing okay right now. I sure am doing amazing! The work is good and I am dang tired right now. But let’s do this little catch up on my past week as a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! (Yeah, we are also called the Mormons, but that’s just a nickname, okay???)

Monday, lunes, P-day, Moon Day, what ever you want to call it was an amazing and horrible day. Amazing because we started our day doing service at a Senior Center. All six of us prepped walls for painting and even laid out paper for dripping paint. They had a really nice wood key piano there. Elder B and I plunked the piano a bit (is that a word?) Really nice sound! After the service we went and bought groceries for the six of us in our apartment. While we were gone, the other three Elders living with us cleaned up the apartment. The next week, my companions and I will be cleaning and they will be grocery shopping. When we got back we had a quick lunch, I got a hair cut and left for the church. The Sisters were there already, and were excited to play board games with us. My District (left to right) consists of me, Elder B, Elder P, Elder C, Sister H, Sister S, Elder S and Elder Bo that is not in the picture. We played Betrayal at House on the Hill!!! Long but fun. Sister H and Sister S had to leave in the middle of the game for an appointment. So one of the Elders stepped in for Sister H. She was the traitor and actually won!  I called in to my family and they were at a restaurant waiting for an old friend. Cool to see them. Love y’all!!!

By now I started to get a mild headache. I wasn’t to worried to much about it, so I just drank a lot of water and didn’t think much about it. We left the church, changed and left for an appointment. We shared a message with the Bishop’s family. Super cool family and they also homeschool!!! Small world. After that we changed in the car and went to our friends R and J. We helped out, in our service clothes, by moving rocks in their property to his neighbors property. They are trying to grow grass, but the rocks were in the way. We threw rocks into a bucket of a tractor and J dumped them. We got to throw a spear afterwards. Pretty fun. They also gave me my first Mountain Dew EVER. Sorry Mom and Dad, they wanted me to drink it . . . Not really a good excuse but yeah . . . the drink, the loud sound of the rocks and the excercise really helped out my headache. I am being sarcastic right now. It killed me. After the service was on the verge of throwing up. We still had one more appointment though. So we changed in the car and quickly drove to the members home. I was NOT feeling good at all. They gave us brownies and Ice cream. We gave them a small quick message. Then we left. When we got back I took a cold shower and feel asleep as quickly as I could. I almost threw up, but it was just a false alarm. Luckily.



Tuesday we had an editors meeting in the morning. Well, my companions did. I am not an editor. (Yet) *wink wink* While they were on the call I solve a mixed 7x7x7. Took me some time. 30 ish minutes. We planned for the day after that and had a language study. Yeah, I’m studying Spanish, so what? Jajajajajaja We had lunch and a quick snack. We then helped a member family with their front yard decor. We landscaped that part by wheeling wheelbarrows full of rocks and laying them out, covering a black tarp. After that service we did a bit of Family History. I found a super hilarious photo on my memories. So weird. We had dinner and left for an appointment with a member Vietnam War Veteran. On our way we saw a man with an anti gravity beard on a motorcycle. It was seriously going straight up. But anyway, the member showed us all of his guns and safes. He also shared a bunch of stories. Super long and amazing, but I’m not putting them up. After talking to him we spoke with a woman that is very dedicated to her faith. She is so sweet!!! She has been to Africa for service and building churches. We dropped by a members house and she gave us a gift card for Walmart. She is so awesome and is truly a member missionary! She even let us have a phone lesson in her backyard. We read the Book of Mormon with a seventeen year old young woman. She was going to get baptized, but she broke her leg. So we have to wait until early August. We read in first Nephi and how we need to be like Nephi and just say I will go and do!
Wednesday morning we stopped by R and J’s property. Just like Monday evening, we moved rocks. Just this time R and J were not home. So we just made two or three piles of rocks. We just threw them into the piles or raked them. We are lunch right after, had companion and language study and scheduled our Facebook posts. We had an appointment with a friend with the super sweet member that gave us a walmart card. We had a really good conversation about 3 Nephi 2 and Big Foot. We talked mainly about how we can be United as followers of Christ. After that we visited some other members. Fun visits. Called up a friend outside of our area. She doesn’t want to talk to the Sisters in her area, she only wants to talk to us. Then we took some really nice companion pictures.


Thursday we had another service in the morning. We went to a member’s ranch and help out. We caught two pigs, flattened 4ish mounts of woodchips, unloaded a trailer of wood for storing, and even mucked, moved and dumped a whole ton of horse crap. One of my zone leaders wanted a picture with one of the many horses on the property. They even wanted to take a picture with the crap we hauled. Private jets would fly by ever so often to land at the private airstrip near by. The members got our entire district sandwiches, chips and pop for lunch. I got to talk to their 9 year old daughter for most of lunch. She is super cute and fun. We took a picture of our District and the members youngest son. His nickname is Rooster. He is SO cute and funny! After a few hours there, we planned for lessons, had companion and language study and ate dinner.  Then we went on our purposeful walk, and visited a Veteran. He was playing Fallout 76 when we were invited into his house. He was in the navy, helping out as a airforce engineer. He had so many stories! He is also a super awesome “Investigator”. He has read The Book of Mormon, Saints 1 and is reading Saints 2. He is so awesome! That evening we stopped by R and J’s home. R taught us how to throw knives, spears, and a machete. SO MUCH FUN!!! Then we had a very interesting lesson.

Friday we had District Council. We talked about the atonement, the importance of scripture use in lessons, and why we are here. We ate lunch as a District, and enjoyed Flase Prophesying about transfer calls. We came back home, did companion and language study, and ate dinner.  We then went to a recent ward member’s house and helped clean a shed like structure. There was a dog house underneath and a whole bunch of hay. We had to put the hay in a wheelbarrow and lift it up into a truck. We dumped the hay and then filled it up again. Sadly, we had to leave before everything was done. We had to get back, change and go on a Purposeful walk. After the walk we got a call from the Sisters in our zone. One of them wanted a blessing. So we zipped on over to the church and helped her out! We visited a man out in practically the wild. He hadn’t spoken to a person in over a week. When he saw us he asked if we were hungry. We said sure. So he gave us some meat stew! Super sweet man. He told us stories of his mission (not of our faith) down in the south Pacific islands. Cool stories. Afterward, we went to the church and had a video lesson with our broken legged sister. A member around he age also got on the call. We read 1 Nephi 4 and taught about the importance of listening to the spirit when he prompts. How we need to act quickly. Afterwards we played a bit of piano to get us ready to leave and go to bed.
Saturday is a special day, it’s the day before the day before P-day!!! Jajajajaja. For our excercise, we went to the church and played basketball. After that we went and blazed a hiking trail for the city. It was so much fun. I snipped st branches that would hit people in the face if they were running, while everyone else dug up the dirt and made a flat path. We found wild Huckleberries growing and even found a snake that was pretty cool. We took two separate zone photos. Sad we had to leave early, so that’s why we weren’t in one of the photos. We went and helped a family move to a new house. They are actually moving in to our neighborhood! They had a case full of bullets. Almost all of the different calibers. We then had a joint zone roleplay. A different zone called in this time. We did a roleplay with the Zone Leaders of the other zone. We took turns and helped each other out. We did studies and Facebook afterwards. Then we started exchanges with one of the Assistants. We had a dinner with a really extraordinary member missionary family. When I say member missionary, I mean member missionary. They are SO awesome and are SO faithful. They have two little girls, one a redhead!!! Our nation will rise!!! Jajajajajaja. Then we went to a friend’s, but I stayed in the car with the Assistant calling people on our area book list. We even called someone and spoke Spanish with them!!! After visiting a few more people we drove to the area where the other Assistant was going exchanges and exchanged back. Then we went home.
Sunday we had sacrament, and zone Sacrament meeting. We tried twice to get in contact with someone the Assistant and I called, but she wasn’t ever available. We visited a member family. Really cool family. We drove a lot though. We had two lessons gall, so we went to District Sacrament meeting. The Sisters did not receive the Sacrament that day. So we zipped on over and had the meeting. We also all bore our testimonies. It was super great. We had companion study, a language study and dinner. Then the leaders in our house had a meeting and Elder P, Elder Bo, and I left on bikes to an appointment. We shared a message of service and left to get back home on time.
So, if you got this far, I am so grateful you are. If you are asleep right no and super board, I am so sorry. I kind of just explained my ENTIRE week. Let me know if you liked or disliked this. It took me for ever, but I hope y’all enjoyed the stories.
I know this gospel is true. If we are doing our best and following Christ, awesome, but we can always do more. What we have been doing is going to the end of Chapter 6 and doing the assessment there. Then we pick one of the attributes and do a 3 month deep dive into it. IT REALLY WORKS. So I challenge y’all to do this as well. Pick an attribute and study it. This will not only help you and that attribute, but also with all the other attributes.
I know God lives, Jesus is the Christ and the Holy Ghost is our companion. They love us and want the best for us. The scriptures are true, they truly are the word of God.
Les amo tanto!!!
Thank you so much for reading. See you next week!!!
Con amor,
El Gringo CR
(BTW, sorry from Ginger Snap. I was very busy this week so . . . Yep! Sorry)

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