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Week 80 – Oh My

Hey everyone! This week has been so crazy! I can’t believe that I was in Utah THIS week. So crazy!

Monday I was still in Utah. I woke up at 6:30. The day prior I was set apart as a missionary, so I felt like I needed to be obedient and fall asleep at 10:30 and wake up at 6:30. So yeah, woke up at 6:30, started packing and started on my blog. I made a “mess”, as I call it, for making my blog. While I was editing my Aunt K, Pixie cousin M, cousin I and cousin S came over and dropped off a gift. SO SWEET of them! Love them! They gave me Reese’s as a joke. I don’t really like Reese’s because I hate peanut butter and chocolate together. Back, a billion years ago I went over to their house and had a bunch of Buckeyes. But like, A BUNCH! So I kind of got sick of them and have hated them ever since. I told them this story and they asked if I like Reeses. I said I don’t, but if I have to eat them then I will. Luckily the gift they gave me was a joke. They cut open, exchanged Reese’s for Twix and taped the bag. SO FUNNY! For lunch we (Uncle and Aunt M&M, and cousin J) went to Pizza Pie Cafe. So good! Thank Q guys for that! Such a good day! Luckily I got super close to finishing my  packing.
Tuesday I woke up at 6:30, finished packing, finished my blog post and hopped into the car to go to the airport. I called my family on our way there. So happy I could do that! Then we said our goodbyes. Thank q so much Uncle and Aunt M&M! Love you! I met with 8 other missionaries that were going to Spokane. I dozed off during our flight and we met our Mission President. He and his Wife are soooooo amazing and soooooo spiritual. We rode with them to a stake center in Idaho. We are hamburgers for lunch and had a few introducing meetings. We did paper work, learned how to use phones and a whole bunch of other things. We had a meatball “hot dog” for dinner. We had another meeting and then we met our companions. Elder P and Elder B are my companions. Yeah, a trio! I love them so much! We got my pink bed set and headed off to our area. That night I set up my bed and my closet.
Wednesday! We had our morning planning, studies and workouts. Then we went to a service activity at a member house. We helped a member move logs he cut from trees into their truck. We also got the dead branches and burned them. They also showed us the father’s refurbished cars he had. SO AWESOME! We also are Facebook Missionaries. My companions are editors for our zone. So we have to upload posts everyday.
Thursday we helped out at a Senior Center. We moved some stuff into storage and moved stuff in their building into different rooms. They fed us lunch for the help we gave! Super good! We do Purposeful Walks everyday. They are basically walks around our neighborhood, looking for people to talk to. We also met a man that is super cool. Ry is the shirtless man with Elder B. They fight in Medieval Battles that they love. They believe in the Norse Gods. Like, Thor and Odin kind of stuff. We helped lay sod in their backyard.
Friday we did a service at another member house. We helped lay woodchips out front. After showing us their super cool pool and work in progress fountain, they gave us Rhubarb Muffins. So heavenly! Now we can call our families twice a week. 30 minutes on Friday and 2 hours on Monday. So I called them.
Saturday was a crazy day. We first did exchanges. One of my Zone leaders, Elder C, came with Elder P and I. We did service at a competely different member house. This time we were moving dead trees so the yard would look nice. Their neighbor helped out because he hates looking at the mess from his back porch. So he brought his tractor over and we hauled a good load of wood. We had a Joint Zone Roleplay where we zoomed in and did roleplay together. I was the investigator 2 out of 3 times. After that we left and saw R again. He showed us his shields they use to fight. So cool, but super heavy.


Sunday was and is the sabbath day. We did the sacrament with one cup of water and then joined a zoom call with our zone for a Zone Sacrament Meeting. I said the closing prayer. I called my Dad for Fathers Day and wished him a happy Father’s Day. I finally got a picture of our car. Yeah, we have a car. So different from walking on dirt roads all day. We had lunch with a part member family. They had Tarantula’s. I’ve been scared of them my entire life and I finally said, “Let’s face my fear!” So I held, with a little help, a Tarantula. My companions did as well. So scary, but glad I did it. After dinner I watched an area broadcast for missionaries. Super long. After, we had a dinner at a member house. Super good and they gave us Ginger Ale! Then we had another dinner with a different family. Yeah, we had a mix up and put two dinners a half hour apart. I was SO full that night.

So that was this week. I forgot to mention that we met with a lady that believes in Big Foot. So yeah, that was an exciting conversation.
I loved this week. As I was truly obedient to the mission rules, I noticed I was a lot happier than before. I know God lives. He loves us and cares about us individually. He loves you. Yes, YOU.
I love you too! Thank Q for reading these long posts, but I hope it is always worth it.
Con amor,
El Gringo CR

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