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Week 67 – Pure Boringness


Looks like I am heading home.

Just not Costa Rica.

I am going to my birthplace, Utah!

But, there is more info. I’ll be heading back in two or three weeks from now. So, only God knows when I am leaving.
But yeah, I’ll tell you about this last week.

Sunday evening, we took a bus to Saenz Peña. Only, halfway there we recieved a phone call from our Zone Leaders. We were to get off at the next stop and take a bus back to our area as soon as possible. We did just that. We stopped in Campo Largo, spent an hour doing magic for a kid and took a bus full of people back to our area.

Monday we had an amazingly boring P-day. Movies and talking to our families. The later was amazing though.

Tuesday was the day of major change. We got the call, and the days following we got many more calls. Well, to put it short, each call progressively shut down our way of life as missionaries. Now, we are trapped in our pension. It’s been five days of pure boringness. Luckily, today we got laptops to write our families. We are truly blessed. Then we got the phone call that we are going home in a few weeks. 
Kind of crazy right. Our mission life has been turned upsidedown. 
It’s great to be a missionary.

God still loves us. He loves all of us. 

~Elder Whitchurch

**** Sorry. There weren’t any pictures this week but we can tell you that we did have the blessing of speaking with our son, even though it was assumed it wouldn’t be possible for the next 2 Monday’s. Elder Whitchurch’s neighbor lent him, and his companion, each a laptop (and internet) so they could contact their families. 

We had the sweetest visit and because of his new found “down time”, Elder Whitchurch had plenty of time, and patience, to be a cool big brother and taught the kids some spectacular handwriting skills. Something I have been cherishing all week. 

Elder Whitchurch is in the group of missionaries that are “waiting” patiently until the government allows forward motion to happen. This could go into the middle of April?  Elder Whitchurch is in good spirits and when he realizing it is General Conference next weekend, he was happy!  He can now look forward to something he actually has learned to enjoy. 
His Mission President also gave us permission to contact our son when/if we felt we needed to. That happened today. We spoke for about 25 minutes. It was a good conversation and we feel it was inspired. He is doing good, considering being on “house arrest” and not having as much outside time as he has grown accustom to.   

We want to thank each of you for your continued prayers in behalf of all those caught up in this world wide pandemic. Our prayers go out to you as well. We would also like to share our testimonies that there is hope, there is a God who loves each and everyone of us, and there is a tomorrow. 🌸


The Whitchurch Family

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