Mission Letters

Week 66

Hello Todos!!!

This week was truly a crazy week. We started off with an amazing P-day. Elder Toman turned 20 years old. His parents sent him some money so we could have an asado for the entire zone! We all LOVED it! The entire morning we were together, and the Hermanas even came. Of course with Presidente Patanía’s consent. We chilled, played Monopoly Build, sword fought with swords made of pvc pipes and foam, and played ping pong. Later that day we went to a ciber (internet cafe) and wrote. We then got ice cream afterwards. An amazing day to start off our week. 

We slept over that night and took a big van to Resistencia the following morning. We got to Multizona about twenty minutes early. Normally we get there a few hours early to talk to everyone, but we sadly didn’t arrive in time for that. We had an amazing training from President and the Assistants. We received a lot of training concerning Dengue and other illnesses. Hermana Patanía really helped us understand the importance of simply washing our hands. After our amazing capacitation, we got in the van and drove 2 hours back to Saenz Peña. Then, Elder Dowdle and I took another two hour bus to our area. 

Then we worked. We worked, and worked and worked. We sweat like crazy! The sun was way hot this week. We ate tacos though! Then we got a letter. As did the rest of the entire world. We no longer can have meetings on Sunday, nor any activities during the week. Both Elder Dowdle and I kind of thought that this had really messed up our work as missionaries. But, we can have small little meetings in houses of members. So we invited a few investigators to those meetings. Sadly, this week no one came. We also received a letter informing us that we can no longer go out contacting in the streets. So, we can’t clap any house. We can only talk to our current investigators and neighbors of members and investigators. 

This next week will be very interesting. 

We can see how now the Gospel is not a church centered teaching. It is a family, home based way of life. We go to church to partake of the Sacrament, renew our baptizimal covenant, and we learn a little bit more about the Gospel. Now we can do these things in our houses if we have the proper authority. The Gospel is truly the way we live, not the way that we seem to be living by going to church every week. 

God loves us. If we truly love him, we will live the Gospel, his Gospel, as best as we can. If we stumble, Jesus who is the Christ will help us get back up again. He loves us. We just need to reach out to him.

Love you all. May God bless you.
~Elder Whitchurch 

1-5) Elder Tolman’s Birthday asado!  

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