Mission Letters

Week 64

Hola, que tal? Todo bien?

This week kind of went by a bit slow. We got to know a woman that had been pregnant with a baby a long time ago.  She wasn’t very healthy so she went to the hospital to see what was wrong. Well, the baby had died 16 days earlier. It was a miracle that they could get the baby out and that she was not infected. God lives.

I also spent a lot of time in Saenz Peña this last week. I worked an evening, and the following day in Centro of Saenz Peña. One time we started to talk to a bunch of kids. I felt like I needed to do some magic. So I popped out my cards and did some magic. I moved three cards from a kids pocket to another kids hand. They were crazy impressed. We also enjoyed a volleyball game from the ward in Saenz Peña. A lot of fun! Loved it!

We talked to A LOT of menos activos this week. To tell the truth I was really sad that most, well, all but two did not want to listen to us. Only two less actives wanted to listen to us. I got really sad after listening to so many children of God deny the gospel of Jesus Christ, deny the blessings of eternal life. I do have hope though. Hope that many more will actually follow Chirst’s path.

There are two champion boxers in our area as well. They both are members from a while ago and both have won national titles. Though, one lost his to one of his many rivels. Luckily he did get second though.

One amazing moment during this week was when Elder Dowdle and I saw a small spider kill a fly. This super small spider had put it’s webs in the perfect place to catch the fly. It was kind of cool. Took 30 minutes for the fly to die. 

But yeah, that was this week. A few highlights that I enjoyed. 

Love you all. Have a good week. 

May God bless you!
~Elder Whitchurch

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4) Elder Whitchurch – week 64

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