Mission Letters

Week 62 

Buen Dia a todos!

So this week was really good!

Monday, was P-day. Todo tranquilo esa dia. I got some riddles from a few missionaries. Here’s one. I run faster when I stand still? What am I. Send me an email with the answer if you know it.

Tuesday at 6 in the morning the Zone Leaders, Elder Richey and I travelled to our area. Then we did divisions in the morning and evening. Elder Beckstrand and I contacted in an okay area and found a lot of new people. Some were really good. We then had lunch with the Branch President. All four of us. It was a really good lunch. Then Elder Tolman and I left in the evening. We contacted as well. We found a deaf lady that listened to us. Wait . . . what? Her husband was luckily there to translate for us. It was a lot of fun! After talking to them, we talked to a few other people and had donuts. We found 19 new people that day. That is not normal. Definitely a miracle.

Wednesday we went and visited a few people we found on Tuesday. We also tried to visit some investigators with baptismal dates. Sadly no one was home.

Thursday we had to pay for a bunch of stuff that the Sisters didn’t pay. There were Sisters last transfer, they just left though. We visited a few people as well. Had a good lunch with some members. That night the Elders in our district came over. They took an hour long bus ride to our area.

Friday we did divisions with them. Just Elder Richey and Elder Martinez went to Campo Largo and Elder Salinas and I stayed in Las Breñas. Sadly, all morning it stormed. A LOT! So we couldn’t go out and work. Not even by food. So we called pizza delivery. Jajaja That evening we worked a bit. But the mud and the flooded streets didn’t help much. 

Saturday was a very slow day. A lot of rejects. Kind of sad. That night Elder Richey started to pack. Yeah, we had transfers yesterday. So I have a new companion now. Sunday night we traveled to Saenz Peña. Monday morning Elder Richey left at 6 in the morning to go to Resistencia. 

I’ll tell you all about my new companion next week! jajajaja

~Elder Whitchurch

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