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Week 61 Almost Died!!

Hello Everyone!

Well, I bet you’re wondering why in the world the title of this letter has something to do with death. A ver . . . I’ll tell you at the end no mas! jajajaja
So monday was P-day here in Saenz Peña! Normal day no mas. We wrote, watched a few movies and had our meetings. That night Elder Richey and the Elders that we were sleeping with ordered hamburgers. I fell asleep before they did though. 
Tuesday morning, Elder Richey woke me up and left the room. I left and heard Elder Richey throwing up in the bathroom. Well, it was 5:30 in the morning and we needed to take the 6 am bus. So we took a taxi, him sick and everything, and took the 6 am bus. So crazy! When we got to the pension, Elder Richey did not look good so we didn’t work that morning. I wasn’t feeling well either so we both slept. We did leave that evening, but we did not work very well. 
Wednesday morning at 2:20 Elder Richey woke up and threw up again. So that morning he let me know and we stayed in all day. So yeah, that was a fun day.
Thursday we worked though, and we worked hard. We contacted that morning and found three people that wanted to listen to us. Well, one wasn’t very nice, but it’s okay. That evening we to our best investigators with baptisimal dates. Both were home and we had long talks with each of them. Then we had to pay for rent. yeah, that was our day.
Friday and Saturday were every uneventful days. It was hot, humid and I was sweaty as sweaty can be. But we did find a few people that were willing to listen to us. 
Sunday was a normal worship day. We sadly didn’t have any investigators in church. But it’s okay. 
So you may be questioning, there was no “almost dying” experiences. Well, now that we are at the end I’ll tell you.
Monday (P-day) I was passing a soccer ball to an Elder in the church. Yeah not the best but yeah. We were in a hallway with the normal foam like ceiling. Well as I pass the ball and loud sound comes from above and dust from above comes flying down, sprinkling us. We were all startled. We push away the foam and find a huge chunk of the ceiling barely being sustained by a metal cable choot that just happened to be there. If that choot was not there, I would probably not be in my body anymore. This thing is huge and super heavy. So I was blessed 100 fold. 
I know that God protect his children. He loves us. He loves you. 
~Elder Whitchurch
1) Argentina flag
2) Las Brenes city sign
3) Selfie with Elder Richey
4) The ceiling that would have killed me!
5) The metal cable chute
6) Week 61 selfie

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