Mission Letters

Week 60

Hey there everyone!
This week was crazy!
Monday was P-day. Normal P-day. Just Sunday night we travelled to Resistencia and slept over. Monday we had P-day in Resistencia. It was a lot of fun. Played Ping Pong, enjoyed San Jose Lomitos, and writing in a Ciber. Interviews with Presidente Patanía at night. We will see what happens next transfer. 
Tuesday was Multizona! Loved the inspiring messages from our leaders. Enjoyed seeing old missionary friends from when I just got to the mission. We traveled that night to Saenz Peña, and then we barely got the bus that left to Las Breñas in time. So we traveled 5 hours that night. Crazy long. 
Wednesday morning was really hard because of the long travel the night before. We worked hard though. Did our best to find a few people, but sadly didn’t find a lot.
Thursday morning, we visited two investigators that want to be baptized on the 29th of February. Pretty crazy day though. At 1 we took a bus to Campo Largo to do a few baptismal interviews for 3 kids. That night we missed the bus and had to stay a few more hours. We contacted in Campo Largo, a very small pueblito. Not much success. 
Friday morning we went to the house of a new that we had found on Wednesday. She was not home. We walked for an hour to get there, so we decided to stay and contact. Bad decision. We didn’t find anyone. That night we contacted in a different area and found a lot of people. Then at 6 we went to the Noche de Hogar that the branch had. It was actually pretty fun.  Loved that activities. 
Saturday morning we went and visited a few investigators, once again no one was home. So we contacted. We talked to a guy named Oscar for an hour. Not much progress though. We got a call from Campo Largo, telling us that a sister wanted to get baptized Sunday, so we needed to do an interview in the evening. Then a lady told us to pray for her. So we did. Then we contacted more until lunch. No success igual. So we ate hamburgers (we cooked). Then at 3:30 two office Elders opened up our pension door. They drove 2 and a half hours to get to our pension just to close the Sisters pension in Las Breñas. We took out all the necessary stuff and loaded the truck they drove. Then we hopped in the truck with them to take us to Campo Largo. On the drive there, one of the Assistants asked us about our numbers and our goals. Well we had 9 news and needed 15 in total. So we needed 6 more news. He told us that we needed to get back to our area as quickly as possible and get 6 news and put 3 fechas. (Accepted Baptism Invitations). He told us that he knew we would not be able to do it. But if we did, he would take us to Parillion. An open meat place. Really expensive.  They dropped us off at 5:30, did the interview and took the 6 o’clockbus back to Las Breñas.
We got there at 7 and had two hours to get 6 news and put 3 fechas. We put 2 fechas, one failed invitation and got 6 news in 2 hours. But not enough for the Assistant, so we called him and asked him if one of the one fail invitations was good. He said no. It was 9:00 pm, we needed to be in the pension. But he said, you guys have 30 minutes to get one new and put a fecha. 20 minutes later, we couldn’t get that new, nor the fecha. 
That night we fell asleep sad. We didn’t accomplish what we wanted. But we did get 6 news and 2 fechas in 2 hours. That is a miracle in itself. 
So yeah, that was this week.
God lives. He loves us. I know he does. ~Elder Whitchurch
1) He’s at an 8!  You can see it in his face. 

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