Mission Letters

Week 58

Hello everyone!This past week was really fun!
Monday was P-day as usual! We were in Saenz Peña all day. Now, we have to do our District Meetings at night, so in the morning we changed into P-day clothing at went to the church no mas. We played bounce, watched approved movies and wrote our families. We had a zone meeting at night. It was really cool to have that meeting. A really good one. We wrote one thing we can do better as missionaries on a piece of paper. Then we burned them, showing that we will do our best to change. Unity moment right there. That was basically it though.

Tuesday at 5:30 we woke up and took the 6:00 am bus to our area. That morning we got back really late though. We had to take a few stops that were longer than normal. We got back at 9 and had to quickly shower and get ready for the day. We left and contacted for a few hours. We made lunch, studied and left again. We had a few lessons set up, so we tried to find them. They weren’t home though. So we contacted and visited a few old investigators.

Kind of just noticed that I am way out of time. So I’ve got a few seconds to sum up the rest of the week. Friday night the traveling zone leaders slept over at our pension.  

Elder Elmer and Elder Spallino basically just travel all around the mission. They stay in most of the pensions in the entire mission. (of course not the Hermanas) They basically do divisions every single day with all of the missionaries in the mission. Super cool.
So Saturday they did divisions with them. Elder Elmer and I invited two people to be baptized on the 29th of February. They accepted. They just need to get married. So, prayers would help. jajaja

So yeah, that was a highlight of this week. Oh, there are also donuts here in Las Breñas. SO GOOD!!!

That’s it for this week, see you next week!

~Elder Whitchurch
1) Don Quixote statue 

2) Las Breñas sunset

3) played with my 2×2 (figured out everything! 

4) Week 58!

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