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Week 57 – Not really in my area. . .

Heylo everyone! 

How are you all doing? 



Me too!

This past week was crazy! I wasn’t really in my area at all . . .
Monday was transfers, so we woke up at 5ish and got to the terminal for the 6:15bus. Took the bus to Resistencia and got another bus to Saenz Peña. Got my bags to the Zone Leaders pension and we chilled there until 8:30ish. Then we went to another pension and my new companion, Elder Richey, and I slept with the other Elders. 

Tuesday was P-day. We played bounce. A style of ping pong where the ball has to hit the table and then the ground only once. We did it in a certain order of people. But we could run around the table and hit the ball in crazy ways so the person after us would have to run around the table and have to dive for the ball.

Wednesday we did divisions in the morning with Centro 2. We had a lot of sit down lessons, not just doorstep contacts. It was a really nice morning. Then we ate food in the pension and did our studies. That night I left with two new missionaries to contact in an area that none of us knew. #whitewashtrainer That was 

That was literally one of the hardest mornings. I had to help both of the new missionaries with everything. Translate for the Gringo and help the Latin learn how to teach. Fun day. Because yeah, we did that all day. Kind of crazy, right?

Thursday morning and tarde was the same thing. Until our companions got back from a leader counsel. Then we went out and worked with them.
Friday Elder Richey and I took the 6 ambus to Las Breñas. 2 hour bus. I unpacked that morning and we made chicken alfredo for lunch. Then we contacted that night in the Hermanas old area. Las Breñas use to be spit in two, the Elders area and the Hermana area. Well, now it is just one big area for the two of us. So yeah, we met this girl that let us sit down outside and talk to her. She said she would come to church and read the little part of a folleto that we left. She said she would pray. Really nice. AND she has been married for 3 years!!! We never find a young couple married!

Saturday was pretty much the same as Friday, but we had morning lessons planned. It was really fun to meet old investigators. Crazy stuff
Sunday morning it rained, so I met half the branch. They are really fun people. Love one of the brothers. Crazy fun. Sadly not as fun as Santi from Virasoro. That tarde we took a bus at 4:55 to Saenz Peña. Well, they sold us tickets but there were not enough seats for us. So I stood for 2 hours on a bumpy bus. Crazy stuff!

But yeah. Really excited to be in Las Breñas with Elder Richey. He was my District Leader back in San Martin. Love the kid. 

Well, that was this week, can’t wait for the next one!

Love you all!


~Elder Whitchurch

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