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Week 56 – Last Week in Virasoro!

Hello family, friends, and random people!

Yeah, this was my last week in Virasoro. Last week with Elder Taylor. Last week with crazy red dirt that would stain my clothing like none other! Last week . . . anyway! Crazy stuff!
But let me tell you all what happened this past week. Monday we chilled in Apostoles again. We stayed there for a while and then went back to Virasoro to write. Well, we got there at like 7 – 7:30. Guess what? No, you can’t guess because there was no internet to get your message. Yeah, we couldn’t write because they didn’t pay for the internet! Jajaja. Super funny! So yeah, we just watched a movie. Incredibles to be exact. Then, Tuesday happened. We walked, walked and walked some more. No one was in Virasoro! It felt like a ghost town. We tried to contact, in the morning. The entire morning. Nothing. We talked to like 5 people. So yeah, that evening we went to visit some investigators and members that we knew were home. That night we went to the Gimenez family at like 7:30ish and stayed until 9:30. We were given permission to stay until 9:30 at a members house. So, that is what we did! We started to eat at 8 and finished at 9:30! Love that family!

The first of January 2020 . . . we did not work the morning! Crazy stuff. Later that day we left and found a bunch of stuff in the streets, sidewalks, even the trees. Garbage and hair. Yeah, we found a box full of hair, just most of the hair was in the tree and on the sidewalk. Don’t know what happened that night. But we ate with the Gimenez family again for lunch. Then we went to the Portillo family and wrote our families! We got permission to do so because all of the cibers were closed and there was no internet in the church yet. jajajaja So yeah. We contacted after writing. 

Thursday morning we worked the morning. Found a few people, but not really good one that want to listen to us. Then I started to feel a bit sick. We walked back a bit early. But yeah, we had lunch in the pension because the family was sick. But we ate well. Milanesas napolitanas. That night, we visited Yunior and his family. A less active family and a few families that we met that night. We contacted. Nothing, again. No one is here during vacations. 

Friday morning we went to a members house to dig a pit. Well, a line pit. Crazy fun. We just dug dug and dug. Thursday night, I was not feeling too good. Friday morning I started to feel worse. We ate lunch with Hermana Del Potro and I couldn’t eat. She was suppppper sweet and made me a soup. A really easy meal for my stomach. Super sweet of her. That evening we did not leave the pension. I slept almost all that evening and until the morning.

Then, all of Saturday I was sick in bed, always using the bathroom, and in stomach pain. After sleeping a bunch and eating a few bites of rice I started to feel better. Enough to leave and get some traveling stuff. Then we went to the church and we got the news of transfers.

Sunday was my last day, and fast and testimony sunday. So I bore my testimony and told everyone that I was leaving. So many people got sad. I felt happy because of that. Kind of weird, but I think it is good that people are going to miss me. I didn’t want to be “just another missionary”. I really do miss the members in Virasoro. We took a bunch of pictures. Just with Elder Taylor’s camera. I hope to get them today. But, we will see. But yeah. I said bye to everyone in Virasoro. Really sad.

So yeah, that was my last week in Virasoro. Sunday night we took a bus to Posadas and we stayed the night in Jardin 2.
Love you all!

~Elder Whitchurch

1) Hermana Del Potro (100 and a half years old)

2) Me!

3 – 4) Our Christmas Tree!

5) YUNIOR!!!!!!

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