Mission Letters

Week 55

Quick sum up of this week!We did nothing . . .

Just kidding.

Monday was passed in Apostoles. We tried to write quickly in our area. Tuesday was a bit weird. We tried to visit a few people, but it was really slow. Not many people were available, and contacting was not a success. So, we visited a few members that were actually in town. That night we passed by Presidents house. We stayed until 9:30. They gave us a bag for Christmas and a full 1.25 litre of Coca Cola. We also got a lot of asado and Russian Salad. Thursday was dead. No one was out, everyone asleep. So we just stayed in the pension, watching approved movies at the church or eating ice cream. (Yeah, Duomo was open!) Friday – Sunday was a bit dead as well, but there were a few of our investigators that were available. But yeah, that was this week summed up. 

Christmas was an amazing time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. We could feel his love for us and we hope that you could to.

Love you guys!

~Elder Whitchurch 
1) 25th Dinner

2 – 3) Asado! 

4 – 5) Bridge of Virasoro

6) Celebrating the 25th

7) Familia Mendietas

8) Hermana Gómez

9) The AWESOME Squad! 

10) Virasoro!

11 – 12) Walking down the tracks! 

13) Google Hangouts with Elder Whitchurch

14) Christmas Day chat in the early morning (for us at least). Great call! No issues! Couldn’t have been better! 

15) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Argentina and Costa Rica! 

(Thank you everyone for your prayers! We haven’t seen Elder Whitchurch this happy! He loves his companion! He loves the area he is serving in! He loves his Branch President! And he LOVES being a missionary! We are so thankful for these blessings he has expressed to us but doesn’t share in his emails. Please know your prayers have/are helping him. We appreciate you! ~ Elder Whitchurch’s Family 💕) 

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