Mission Letters

Week 54

Let’s start the story of this week, shall we?
Monday was P-day, as usual. Although this time we stayed here in Virasoro. All day! We just did a call for our meeting, since we were going to be having Multizona a few days later. We literally just watched a billion movies, ate Hamburpizza and Ice Cream. That was basically it. Not much happened other than that.
Basically Tuesday through Thursday morning was contacting. We found a good amount of future investigators. Not as many as we wanted, but a good amount. Thursday night we traveled to Posadas for Multizona.

Friday we had Multizona. It was really fun! We had a capacitation first that was really good. We had lunch that was really good. Asado. Then we did games. We split three zones into four different groups, represented by colors. I was in Green, Elder Taylor in Red, there was yellow and blue. We first played a picture game. A picture would be shone and we would have to try to remember in what chapter the picture was in, in Preach My Gospel. So yeah, we got second place in that game. Then we played a game where four members of each team took an egg (yes, a real one) and put it on a table. Two ribbons with our team colors were placed about half a foot from both ends of the table. Basically the first team to push all of their eggs to the other side first won. Oh, I forgot to mention. They had to push with their foreheads. Yeah I didnt play this one. We won that game. Then we played a game where they place three horse shoes at the end of each table. Then then put books under one side of the table to tilt it. Then three of us basically had to blow a ping pong ball into one of the horse shoes. Just the table was tilted so as we blew across the table the ball would fall. I played in this one and we got last the first time. The second time we played, we got first.

Then we played a bubble game. We got four hoops and set them up pretty far away from the lind of teams. Then each team needed to blow a bubble one at a time into the hoop. Our team needed 10. We got 10 first! Then we played it again and got first again. Only five bubbles this time. Then we played a game (I played in this one). Five members of each team got two balloons and had to make sure they did not hit the floor. I lost really quickly though. A tall sister just destroyed both of my balloons. Then there was a fight between a Green Elder and a Red Elder. Basically Green won. After adding up the points, green was the team that won! So yeah, we won!

Then we had a talent show. There were are few really cool talents. Sisters sang, an Elder danced and a group of Elders and Sisters sang as well. I also did something. I did magic. I will explain next week. 

So yeah, that was this week.  

(Out of time)

Love you guys.

~Elder Whitchurch

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