Mission Letters

Week 53!! 

So Sunday night we had travelled to Posadas, right? Well, we got there super late and slept at like 11 pm because the bus had taken forever to get to Posadas. But everything was okay. We didn’t get robbed or anything.
Monday was P-day in Posadas. Before, I actually liked going and passing P-day in Posadas. Well, now not so much. Why you ask? Well we have to travel 2 hours in a bus. Doesn’t sound to bad though, right? Well, we’ve had to wait for an hour or two for the bus to even get to Posadas to take it back to Virasoro. So yeah, we’ve wasted a bunch of time traveling. But it’s okay. Posadas is awesome. We had our District meeting and ate in the “mall” as a District. Then we took our bus that was an hour late. From 2 until 5 I was either waiting for the bus or traveling in the bus. We got to our area and basically wrote no mas.

Tuesday we woke up and had a very interesting day. We contacted a bunch and got rejected more than contacting. We had a bunch of lessons set up, and all of them fell through. Beautiful day to enjoy Virasoro a bit.

Wednesday was a beautiful day as well. Just, we actually got to talk to some people, and have them listen to us. We bought a Hamburpizza though! Really great!
Thursday was a day like Tuesday. Kind of crazy how we work and we still get rejects. But, that is missionary work, isn’t it? jajajaja

Friday though . . . ohhhhh boy!!!! I hit 1 year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah guys, 1 year has gone and a new one is starting for me in the mission. Its flown. I am sure the next one will as well.

We celebrated by making a cake and burning a shirt. We also bought a Santa Coke! So much fun! We enjoyed that day a lot!

Saturday was a day. During last week. That was kind of like Tuesday and Thursday. Although, we ended the day with a lesson with 10 investigators! So, it was okay.

Sunday Morning was church with a very small asistencia. Kind of sad. But it’s okay.

So yeah. We also took some pictures with the Virasoro sign and with a bunch of Graffiti here in Virasoro! So cool!

Anyway, got to go now.

Love you all!


~Elder Whitchurch
1-3) 1st year celebration!!!

4-6) Art in Virasoro

7) Week 53 Profile Pic! 

8) Elder Taylor! He’s the best!

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