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Week 52 – HEY


Doing just great everyone! Hope you are too! This week was amazingly awesome and somehow went really really slow. But hey, its over and a new one is starting

Monday I was in Posadas waiting for my new companion since 5:30 that morning. My companion and another Elder left together to the terminal to take their buses to their new areas. Elder Rapier and I literally just chilled in the pension we were staying at that morning. Then, we went to the “mall” in Posadas and bought a bunch of food. We ate and then contacted that tarde. Elder Grandy and I went out contacting in a very rich area. Not much success at all. Then at 7:15 we went to the terminal to pick up our companions. Then Elder Taylor showed up with a billion other missionaries. Elder Taylor is from Oklahoma and looks kind of looks like a Chileno. Really cool guy. We stayed over that night in the pension of Jardin 2.

Tuesday we had our District meeting in the morning. We played volleyball afterwards and “won” a bunch! jajajaja We had a lot of fun. We ate at McDonalds. We bought 100 chicken nuggets between a bunch of Elders. I ate like 20 and another ate like 44 nuggets. Crazy stuff. Then we Elder Taylor and I travelled back to our area and we wrote.
Wednesday morning we unpacked, changed up the pension around, and washed our clothing. We contacted that night and visited a few families. It was a very interesting day. We also bought 4 light bulbs that have really brightened up our pension a lot!

Thursday – Saturday we contacted, visited investigators with baptizimal dates, investigators in general and a few less active members. We found on guy that asked my companion if he was from Oklahoma. We had just met him . . . and he guessed where my companion was from. Now, Oklahoma is not a very known state in the United States. So we don’t really know how he guessed that . . . but yeah.

Sunday was another tranquilo day. We had two lunches that day. The 100 year old Sister in our ward hadn’t received the Sacrament that morning, so we said that we would pass by at 1 ish. She made us an amazing lunch for us in a tuper. We took it home and later that night we ate it after travelling to Posadas.

So yeah, that was pretty much my week.

I hope you all had a wonderful week as well.

Love you guys!~Elder Whitchurch

1) Photo Bomb

2) Week 52 Profile Pic

3) We cubed!!

4) Elder Taylor’s Spider-Man that has been there since last Tuesday.

 5) Elder Taylor eating Chocolate Picole 

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