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Week 51!!!

Hey guys! Doing fantastically extraordinary today!
This past week we travelled a bit. Sunday night we travelled to Posadas to have District Meeting. So yeah, Monday we had our meeting and then we ate as a Zone. Then we went to Apostoles to pass the rest of P-day. I didn’t get the opportunity to write, so yeah. We slept the night and took the 6 bus to Virasoro.
Tuesday morning I was super duper dizzy from the bus ride. I really don’t know why. But after taking a quick nap, we still could go out and work a bit. We visited a crazy family that had been wanting to make Chipa for us. It’s like a cheesy small ball bread kind of thing. Really good. 
Wednesday we tried to find someone that has a baptismal date, but couldn’t find her. Oh well. We ate in the pension, that was a bit sad. We also got stuck in a charla with a lady that loves to talk. We were there for like 3 hours, every moment she paused we tried to say we needed to leave. She just kept on talking.
Thursday – Saturday were really hard days. Don’t really want to talk about them.
Saturday we did get the tablero telling us what areas we will be in for the next transfer. I am staying and getting a new companion. His name is Elder Taylor! He is so so cool! Really grateful for this blessing that I have received. Sunday, my old companion said his goodbyes and we took a colectivo to Posadas to stay the night. 
First and foremost, I want to say thank you to all those who have been praying for me. I am seeing results. Thank you.
Can’t wait to see what this new transfer brings. I will be hitting 1 year on Friday the 13th. So much fun! jajajaja
Love you guys,

~Elder Whitchurch
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