Mission Letters

Week 50!!!!!

Let’s quickly sum up week 50
P-day we accidentally celebrated Hermana Cespedez’s birthday 10 days early. Kind of funny. She just laughed hysterically!

Tuesday morning our District Leader came to our area and interviewed Yunior for his baptism. In the meantime, I contacted with his companion. We found a woman that wanted to come to church. Long story short, she didn’t come. Kind of sad. We cleaned the baptismal font that evening and couldn’t figure out how to drain the water. After 3 hours of trying we finally got it to work. We then had to download a bunch of videos to share with members and investigators. Then we went to a mutual to talk to some investigators there. It was so much fun to see the boys and men in the branch play soccer against one another. So funny.

Wednesday we visited a bunch of referrals that we got from the plaza abierta. It was so much fun to walk around “lost” at times, trying to find these people. We found two of the 23. Yeah, so much fun. That was wednesday.

Thursday we went and visited Yunior so make sure he was ready to get baptized and then we went to a 11:30 lunch. Why so early? Well, we had to take the 12:45 bus to Posadas, that is why. We got to Posadas at, like 3 ish. We chilled in the church until 6 when Presidente Patanía arrived. We had interviews with him and I found out that I will be staying here in Virasoro with a new companion. We then took a taxi to an empty pension. Stayed the night with Elder Hurley and Elder Rapier. 

Friday was Multizona! Our goal for December is 140 baptisms. In October we beat our mission record of baptisms. It was 101, but now it is 109. So yeah, we will need to beat our record and get 31 more. So please pray for us. After multizona we travelled back to our area and had a quick meeting for Yunior’s baptism with the branch president. 

Saturday morning at 7 ish the Apostoles missionaries got to our area. We did divisions with them that morning. Elder Hurley and I tried to pass by some of our investigators with a member, but not one of the three were home. So we dropped of the member and went contacting. The first house we contacted, we put a fecha bautismal. Yeah, a baptisimal date during the first contact with this 25 year old lady. Really cool. We left a book of mormon and said we would come back during the next week. Then I felt like we needed to visit a less active family. We went and found out that there are two daughters that are not baptised yet. Then we went to the church, started to fill the font and went to lunch. The members said that we (the four of us) could come and eat. It was awesome and filled us up. Elder Hurley and I left early and stopped the font from overflowing. The other two went to Yuniors house. Elder Hurley and I prepped everything for Yunior’s baptism. Then we baptised him and confirmed him. So much fun! We cleaned up to prepare the church for the meetings the following day.
Sunday, Yunior didn’t come to church. We were a bit sad and kind of frustrated. But, later that day we went to his house and found out that they had gone to bed at 2 in the morning. So that was why they didn’t come to church that morning. After being there for 2 hours, we took the 8:15 bus back to Posadas. We slept in that same empty pension again.
This week was crazy. and I finally had another baptism. Thank you to all those who are praying for me. It was you who helped Yunior get baptised. 
Thank you
Love you all!

~Elder Whitchurch
1) Zone Garupa (Elder Pagano is kneeling.

2) Week 50 profile picture.

3) Multizona with President and Sister Patanía (Zones Iguazu, Posadas and Garupa)

4) Elder Ellenburger!!!

5) Early birthday cake for Sister Cespedez

6) (Left to Right) Elder Whitchurch, Elder Hurley, Hermana Cespedez, and Elder Ellenburger

7) Left to Right) Elder Paz, Elder Bradshaw, Elder Jeppson, Elder Rapier, Elder Whitchurch and Elder Ellenburger

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