Mission Letters

Week 49- Doing just fancy! 

Hey everyone! I am doing just fancy!
This has been a crazy long week. So many crazy things happened.
The very first thing that I did this week was sleep. Yes, people. I was sleeping at 12:00 am on Monday morning. Crazy huh! Where was I sleeping would be the correct question. Well, I was in Apostoles, a 45 minute drive from Virasoro. We woke up, showered, I had brought scone dough, so we made scones. Then we walked to the church and had our District Meeting. Super long, don’t know why . . . But yeah, we enjoyed P-day here. Watched Charly and ate hamburgers as a District. We also went and had ice cream together. So much fun. We slept the night.
Tuesday morning, at 5 we woke up and took the 6 o’clock bus. Then I slept. Yeah, I slept all morning until 12 ish. I was feeling like throwing up and I needed to reset my emotions . . . That evening we found a few people, but not enough and none that will really progress.
Wednesday . . . was a really hard day. My emotions are going crazy wako right now and I just . . . the mission is hard. Sometimes just so hard you want to take a break.
Thursday morning at 6 we took a bus to Garupa, got there at 8:15. Then Elder Elenburger and Elder Mellor took a bus back to Virasoro. Elder Paz and I worked in Garupa. It was fun to be in a Zone Leaders area. We visited a 12 year old girl that asked really good questions. “So wait, you need to have God’s permission to baptize?” Yes, we have the permission of God, we have his power and his priesthood. She is so getting baptized! Then we got lost looking for a less active and talked to a very Saturday worship oriented lady. She didn’t want to listen to us because we worship on Sunday . . . oh well. We had an amazing lunch with a member and took a bus to Posadas. We went to the big terminal and picked up some banners. With the heavy banners, we went and bought soy milk and pomelos. Then we went back to the pension, and went out to work again. Literally all 3 planned visits fell and we contacted the entire night. 
Friday we worked the morning. Nothing really to say about that. No one really opened their doors. We then took a bus to Virasoro at 3:00. We got there at 5:30ish and went to a really big plaza. 10 missionaries were in the plaza with 5 banners each with a different gospel principle. We would ask random people if we could steal 5 minutes of their time to teach the principle. It was crazy!!! We had a drunk guy come up to us and preach to us. He said he was a prophet of God and from Spain. He was here to call all Argentines to repent and follow him. Not Christ, but this dude. He asked if we could say a prayer, and Elder Paz said a quick one. We didn’t want to make a really big scene. This guy then said a 10 minute prayer about how he was called of God and so on and so forth. Then, when he had finished, he looked at me and said, looking at his watchless wrist “in a few years you will become a great pastor over many people.”Then he looked at Elder Paz and said “you are not close to God. You said a very short prayer and God did not hear you. You need to repent and change.” Then he left. 
Saturday. Well Elder Paz had my agenda and took it with him to Apostoles. So I don’t remember and yeah. Even though it was like two days ago. . . . Although I do remember we visited Yunior. I haven’t really talked about him. Sorry. He is our most progressing investigator because he is getting baptised this Saturday! He has crazy big glasses. Like Coca Cola bottle sized. He loves piano and is learning how to play. He also comes to church BY HIMSELF! That rarely happens. Such a great guy. 
Sunday was a pretty normal sunday. Normal meetings, normal lunch, normal less active visits. Sadly non are progressing, still. But we have faith! Then we took the 9 bus to Apostoles and ate Pizza in their pension.
I testify that God lives. He loves you and me. I testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the earth. The only church that has the power of God to help others make covenants with God. I know The Book of Mormon is the word of God. 
Love you all, thank you for your prayers
~Elder Whitchurch
1-3) Elder Whitchurch realizing that his Branch President also knows Elder Whitchurch’s Mission Prep Teacher who also served in the same mission a few years ago. What a small, small world it truly is!!! But doesn’t he look so healthy and happy. Thank you for your prayers! 🙏🏻💕😘

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