Mission Letters

Week 48- No time

Hey, not much time. Literally . . .
Quickly . . . Monday we were in Posadas and had Zone Meeting.

Tuesday and Wednesday were hard days. No comment

Thursday was a day of calls from so many people that want to help me. Nice to have good support here. Grateful for that. 

Friday Morning at 5 I had two cramps in a row. My leg was not good until 11:30. We walked to a big lunch with the 100 year old member. We came back and Sister Patanía told me to sleep. So I slept. Then we visited a bunch of menos activos and investigators.

Saturday we contacted all day. Fun stuff.

Sunday was another interesting day. I did make cookies and scones, though. 

I also got some new shoes this week, because I needed them since May. 

Sorry, gotta go now.
Love you all,

~Elder Whitchurch

1) week 48 profile picture 

2-5) new shoes, European sizing

6-7) French fries

8-9) cookie and cookie dough 

10-11) homemade cinnamon rolls

12) a truck splashed me! 

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