Mission Letters

Week 46- Sad Week 

We were traveling to . . . Córdoba!
(Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, or Night to you)
Yeah, we traveled and traveled and traveled some more. 
Sunday, we traveled during the night, sleeping ever so awkwardly in the seats. We got there at 9ish in the morning

Monday, at 9ish we traveled to a hotel in a microbus and dropped off our stuff in some rooms. Then we took the microbus to the police station and did some paperwork. Took some time, but it was pretty quick compared to other times I have done tramites. Then we walked to another place nearby to finish everything. Well, it was packed, so we went to a cafe nearby. We got a chocolate drink and sandwiches. After finishing the drinks and sandwiches we went and finished our tramites. Then we walked to Burger King, I got a salad and a small burger. Chilled there for some time and then took the microbus to the Cordoba hotel. Amazing how you can tell the difference between outside the temple grounds and within. With the permission with the Temple President, we could take pictures and walk around the grounds. Amazing experience. Then we went back to the hotel, showered and got ready to travel again. We took a bus at 8 and arrived in Resistencia at 10ish.

Tuesday I took a bus at 1ish to Posadas. Got there at 6ish and said bye to the Hermanas that had traveled about 38 hours with us. Then Elder Hurley and I took another bus at 7ish to Apostoles. Arrived in Apostoles without a phone or keys to the pension. We asked a Sister if we can use her phone to find out where the Elders were. They were in Virasoro with the pension keys. We called the pension owner and he opened the pension for us. We then went and bought some food. We cooked, ate and our companions arrived. We slept the night there.

Wednesday morning, Elder Hurley and I wrote our families. Then we ate lunch with a family in the Apostoles ward. Then Elder Mellor and I took a bus to Virasoro. We got to the pension and I feel asleep. I felt really tired from traveling so much. So I slept all afternoon into the evening. 

Thursday morning we worked. Didn’t really find many interested people. That evening we didn’t have much success either. But, a sister did offer to make us something the next time we visit!
Friday, we took a bus at 9:45 to Apostoles. Elder Hurley and I contacted while Elder Rapier and Elder Mellor went and did a baptizimal interview. Sadly the man could not get baptized. Elder Hurley and I just contacted rejects all morning. We ate lunch with a member in that area. The other two Elders got to lunch late. After lunch, Elder Rapier and I went to really cool family. The daughters really listened to us. After the lesson we had to walk to the other side of the area. Sadly, the appointment was sleeping. So we walked to the terminal. During this entire time, I was feeling really sick. So when we got the Terminal I was not feeling good. We took a bus to Posadas and I slept. Before I slept though, I pulled out my camera to look at a few photos. I put it down on the seat next to me and slept. When we got off the bus early, I forgot my camera. I didn’t realize. Elder Mellor went with Elder Ellenburger to do a baptizimal interview. Elder Paz and I downloaded some videos for the baptism. They came back and Elder Mellor and I took another bus to Apostoles. We also had baptizimal clothing from the Zone Leaders. So we gave that clothing to the Apostoles Elders. While I was pulling out the clothes, I saw that I was missing my camera. I fell asleep sad.
Saturday morning we were suppose to take the 6 am bus, but we missed it. So we contacted in the morning with the other Elders and took the 11 am bus. We ate lunch with Virasoro members and worked the evening. When we went to our last appointment, he was not home and it was too late to contact. No one would open their doors. So we went to the President’s home and waited for the transfer call. We got it and Elder Mellor and I are staying here. He is no longer District Leader and a new Elder getting transferred into Santo Tome is now the new District Leader. 
So yeah, I lost my nice camera from my Grandpa.
So awesome! Jajaja
~Elder Whitchurch
(In honor of the lost camera, all the photos Elder Whitchurch sent will he shared. Enjoy. He has a great talent that we cherish.)
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