Mission Letters

Week 45

** sorry this is late. We were out of town. **

Heylo everyone!
Yeah, I strangely am writing on a Wednesday. I have had a very strange past week and a half. I will only explain last week. You will have to wait until next week to find out why I am writing on a Wednesday. Oh, and transfers are next week.
Monday, we took a bus to Garupa and had a farewell asado for Elder Comar. We had a long day there and didn’t ever get the chance to write. We also couldn’t get a bus back to our area so we slept the night.
Tuesday in the morning we left early and found out that our bus was going to leave at 9 not 7. So we basically stayed there for 2 hours until our bus got there. It got there 40 minutes late. We took our bus and got to our area 2 hours later. Then we dropped off our stuff and went to the church. We wrote and ate some food. Also found a queen ant. Then the Elders in Apostoles arrived. We finished writing and left on divisions. Elder Rapier and I went to the pension, dropped off their stuff. I didn’t really know where we were going to be working, so I said a prayer and popped open my Book of Mormon. Well, I don’t remember where I opened, but it said that we needed to preach the gospel. So we left not knowing where to go, but I kind of knew where at the same time. We started to walk south. I wanted to contact in the south west part of the area, but we somehow walked to the south east part of our area. We ran into an 11 year old member and his friends. We taught them The Plan of Salvation because the member asked them if they knew what it was. We sat there for a good 15 minutes explaining The Plan of Salvation to these boys who actually listened. Then, crazy enough, we had no success the rest of the day. Crazy how that happens.
Wednesday morning Elder Hurley and I went contacting near our lunch. We found a few people but no one really wanted to listen to us. We then went to our lunch with an awesome member! Then the rest of the day a member came and fixed our gas for our stove. Then we took a bus to Apostoles.
Thursday we made scones in the morning and ate them. Elder Mellor and Elder Hurley went and did a baptismal interview. Elder Rapier and I walked 35 minutes to an investigator and talked with him. He wants to get baptized and knew more things than we thought. He has completely stopped drinking and smoking and wants to get baptized. Then we contacted a bit more and walked the 35 minutes back to the pension. We then made pigs in a blanket and took a bus to our area. We got there at 2 ish and ate the pigs. Then I slept. I had a horrible headache and needed to sleep. Well, I slept a long time! Then the member came over again to help really fix the stove top.
Friday we went and talked to a less active member for 2 hours. He showed us all of his crazy gadgets. He has a projector that is crazy small and has amazing picture quality. Then we walked for 40 minutes to the 100 year old sister. We had another amazing lunch. It was like a 6 crepes with meat, cheese and sauce in between each crepe. Crazy good! Later, we took a bus to Garupa again. Then a bus to Candelaria to have a meeting. All the District Leaders and Zone Leaders in zone had a meeting. So I just played piano no mas. Then we stayed over again.
Saturday the same bus situation happened and we got to our area at 2 ish. We had a really good lunch with the Moraga family. We got to the pension. The Member came again. He finally fixed the stove. But he really did. Then I packed my stuff and we went to Apostoles again. We arrived late to the baptism. Literally the final song and prayer. Then Elder Hurley and I went to his pension, grabbed his stuff and took a bus to Posadas. We arrived at 10. We walked over to the Posadas Zone Leaders and slept the night. 
Sunday, we woke up and I left with guess who. Elder Smith, my trainer. Yeah, he is the zone leader for the Posadas zone. We went to try to find some investigators to bring to church, but they were sleeping. We had church, I took the sacrament and heard two talks. One by Elder Elmer and the other by Elder Smith. After Sacrament meeting we talked to a gringo family from Orem Utah. The son served his mission here, 12 years ago. He came with his wife and parents to visit the areas he served. Then, Elder Hurley and I went to the terminal and found four sisters there. A sister gave me a ticket and I looked at the destination. We were traveling to . . .
Sorry, you will find out next week. 
Love you all!

~Elder Whitchurch
1) divisions with Elder Hurley

2) profile picture for this week

3 – 7) making pigs in a blanket 

8 10) The Scone Master! Elder Hurley loved them. 

11) Queen Ant

12 – 14) group barbecue for Elder Comar (he was leaving the mission). 

15) candy from Central America. 


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