Mission Letters

Week 44

Yellow eveyone!
I say yellow because I was yellow this week. Yeah, sick . . .
BUT!, we still had a crazy full week. 
Monday morning we sadly only had a few minutes to write, so I just wrote my long “scary” email and then we left Virasoro to Posadas. We then had our Zone counsel. Afterwards we literally just chilled at the church until we went to the “mall” like shop near the terminal. We ate a pretty good dinner with four more missionaries. Then we took a city bus to our Zone Leaders pension. We slept over.
Tuesday we woke up and took a bus to our area. I felt horrible still so we stayed in all day until Thursday. We read a bunch, I slept a bunch, I had head aches, I was nauseous, I coughed a lot, and yeah. Feeling just horrible.
Thursday afternoon we traveled, again, to Posadas and had interviews with President. We chilled at the church afterwards until we had to leave. We left and were taken by non other than Elder Maru in the office truck. We went to a pension that had been abandoned since the begining of June of this year. We walked in and saw a mess. In my Profile Picture you can see how messy this pension was. We found a bunch of treasures though. I found a 2 peso bill, which are no longer being printed. They stopped in 2018. So I got lucky! I also found an english triple. I dont have D&C in english so YAY! We slept over, luckily there was water and light.
Friday I woke up at 12:20 ish with a 103 fever. I didnt fall back asleep. Everyone else got up and I stayed in bed. Everyone showered and I slowly took my pills. I felt HORRIBLE. But I still showered and still got in a suit. We still left that pension and went to the church to have a multizona. I stayed awake the ENTIRE Multizona and almost fell asleep at the end. Then we travelled back to our area and I slept on the way. Got home and slept there. Saturday we stayed in the pension and I slept. 
Sunday we got up and were a bit late for our Rama Counsel, but it got cancelled. Then we had church in an airconditioned room. Yes, our building got “upgraded” to an airconditioned building. It was really cool to not feel crazy hot during our meetings. I was also really grateful that it was testimony meeting. It was nice to hear the testimonies of many members here in Virasoro! Afterward we had an asado with the President of our Rama. Then we went back to our pension and I slept again. I was still pretty tired.
So yeah! That was this week! Sadly I never really got the chance to teach someone this week, but I know that this work is true. 
Nos vemos!

~Elder Whitchurch
1) Profile picture taken at the “abandoned pension.”

2) Custom made Alpargatas. 

3) Hamburpizza.

4) Fun with a calculator. 

5) Elder Comar (Zone Leader) going home! 

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