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Week 43 – Scary!!

Here is this week!
Monday we woke up, I ate eggs and we left. I bought Quraplus for my gripe (flu). Yes, once again I am sick. Crazy fun! We also bought some mate tea and tabasco for some Elders in Ibareta. Got some chipa and went straight to the church. Elder Mellor wrote his family as I watched the new Book of Mormon videos. I really liked them and was impressed by what they have made. We then left and got our stuff to go to the terminal. We got on out bus that got there late. We watched the last 3/4th of Detective Pikachu. Missing the first 1/4 sadly. We got dropped off pretty far from where we wanted to be, so we just walked a long time. Being sick and in the sun wasnt really the best, I felt horrible afterward, but thats that. We got the the Zone Leaders pension just to leave again to go to the church to let Elder Ellenburger write his family. Elder Comar and us watched Kung Fu Panda 3. Well . . . 3/4ths of it. Missing the last 1/4. Then we got our stuff and headed over to the terminal in a taxi. I got my new comp for the next day, Elder Mozer and we left. We got milanesa sandwiches and took a bus close to his pension. We then walked to his pension, dropped our stuff and went to the church. He wrote as I watched Incredibles. Then I wrote. A member came in while I was talking and told me that I had to get off. He needed to use the computer. Well, I let him use it and 30 minutes later I got back on to finish writing. When I finished, we got some milanesas and ate them (after frying them) with rice. Then we slept. 
Tuesday I woke up feeling horrible. Showered and layed down afterwards. Just didnt feel good. But we still left and explored Elder Mozer’s new huge area. We contacted a man that as we were talking to him he pulled out a cigarette and started to smoke at us. Notice the “at” I put in. Yes, he puffed into our faces. He wasnt really interested. We contacted a whole bunch of empty houses after that until Maria. “Do you believe in God and Jesus Christ?” we asked her. “No” pause “we are Catholic” . . . . ummmmmm, okay? We were a bit confused. We talked to Ramon after that. A old guy with a brazilian soccer team t-shirt. He listened to us and wants us to come back. Then we went home, waited until 12:15 to go get out member lunch. The empanadas were amazing. Then I slept until 5:00pm. Yeah, I died. WE then quickly got ready and ran over to a 5:30 apointment with Javier. This guy has been reading the Book of Mormon by himself. We talked about how the bible talks about temples and how those who are dead can and will have the oportunity to recieve a baptizm by those who go to the temple. That lesson turned out “okay” as Elder Mozer said. 
Then we waked not to far away, to an ally. We turned the corner and met Miguel. He was smoking, had a smashed empty wine box next to him and said “Hola Hermanos!” Elder Mozer sometimes likes to talk to drug addicts so he said hey. Miguel then explained that he was a drug addict and needed help. He was obviously drunk. Then he stood up. This guy is tall and skinny. But super tall and skinny. He told us that we were his friends. As we were talking to him he would always glance at my watch. He asked me, what time is it. I quickly glace down at my watch. “7:02” I said. I didnt move my watch up because I didnt want him to get a better look of it. “Pueden orarme?” will you pray me? he asked. Okay . . . Elder Mozer said a prayer and I was a bit nervious that he would do something during the prayer, but I kept my eyes closed. During the prayer Elder Mozer said “and thank you Lord for this time that we have with our friend here in . . .” Miguel interrupted and said “Miguel es mi nombre”. “and thank you Lord for this time with Miguel . . .” Kind of weird. After we said amen he said thank you and said that we were his friends again. As he was saying that he put his arm around me. He was on my left and Elder Mozer was on my right. Miguel grabbed tightly onto my top right arm strap of my backpack. He closed his eyes a second and turned his head close to mine, face to face, only a few inches between us and looked straight into my eyes and asked. “Va a darme su reloj?” Will you give me your watch? . . . Um, no. No thank you. Side note, he did not demand my watch, he asked for it in a none threatening way. He looked away and back to me. With his smokey and wine like breath he asked again, “Va a darme su reloj?” This time he shook he as he asked. Because of his strong grip on my backpack, I couldnt get away, even if I tried. To make it worse, my backpack was pulled really tight onto me, to help my back, so he had an even better control over me then he realized. I told him no again, bowing my head. That wasnt really the best move, because he then told me “Entonces voy a darle una piña y cortar su cabeza.” The direct translation would be “Then I will give you a pineapple and cut off your head” Though, here “giving a pineapple” or “dando una piña” is punching someone or something. So he threatened to punch me and cut off my head. I said, mmm, no. No thank you. My comp then started to walk away, calling me after him. He didnt know that Miguel had a grip on my backpack. I said “Elder!” He looked at me and then walked behind Miguel, moving to the left. Miguel then let go of me and moved to my right, making sure Elder Mozer was not behind him. That was a blessing and a prompting that Elder Mozer recieved. Miguel put his hand on my shoulder and asked me again, with the same words, if he could have my watch. Elder Mozer said, “Hey, I will give you something.” He opened his backpack and pulled out a pamphlet. Miguel said “Van a DARME un PAPEL!!!?” You are going to GIVE me a PAPER. Yeah yeah we said. He pulled his hand off my shoulder and looked at us in a strange way. We said, well we need to go and we left. 
I saw the hand of the Lord in that crazy robbing intent. He could have been more drunk and could have done worse things. He could have cut me, could have punched me, but he only shook me no mas. I am grateful for the protective hand of the Lord. After that, we went a different way to the house we wanted to visit, sadly they were not even there. After that we walked far away from that area and visited a man that believed that we worshiped Joseph Smith and he is God to us. We straightened his mind out. Then we came back to the pension and slept. 

Wednesday, I woke up at 1:00 am to Elders coming into the room I was sleeping. An Elder kicked me off his bed and I slept on a mattress on the floor. Fell back asleep and woke up at 6:30, once again feeling horrible. We sadly missed our 7:30 bus back to Virasoro. So we just took the 10 ambus. We got Super Panchos before taking the bus. We got the Virasoro at 12 and had a lunch with some members. AT 3:15 we had a lesson with a 9 year old girl that want to get baptized. It was cool to get to know her and teach her as well. We contacted reject houses and just went to the Presidents house at night, expecting to teach his nephew. He wasnt there but we found out how Presidents wife was converted. Really cool
Thursday I woke up really sick. Slept all morning. A family brought us lunch. Rice and beans. I slept after that, and we stayed in the pension all day. I read a bunch and did my laundry when I had the energy.
Friday was exactly like Thursday, but in the afternoon we took an hour bus to another area in our District. Elder Mellor did a baptizimal interview while I went contacting with Elder Wickard. Being sick didnt really help and we had to stop a bunch so I could catch my breath. This Elder also walks fast so it was a bit frustrating for the both of us. We got back to our area that night at 8:00 pm. 
Saturday we had GENERAL CONFERENCE! So amazing. Loved the talks! I loved David A Bednar’s talk with the Cheetahs. I do see that Satan slowly but surely creeps forward until we see the danger and run. But he just keeps on coming. We also got to buy some custom made alpargatas. So cool!
Sunday was GENERAL CONFERENCE as well! Yunior (pronounced Junior) came to watch the first session! It was really cool to see him there. He liked it, but was sad that he couldnt come to the second session. He had to prepare his house for his step father that was coming from Posadas. We gave him a big triple and bible so he can read the scriptures. He was the one with the eye problem. Now he can read God’s words to his people here on earth. 
So grateful for this week. Sadly I was sick and still am sick but all is well! The work still needs to press forward.
Love you all! See you next week!

~Elder Whitchurch

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