Mission Letters

Week 42

Hello hello hello!!!

This week was just crazy crazy weird.

I guess . . .

On P-day, first time in the history of my mission . . . I had a lunch with a member!  Like, that never really happens people. We got invited and we went! Btw, this member works at the hospital as a chef. I almost died eating his canelones! I had like 6, and they were huge. Soooooo good

We enjoyed a week almost full of pure work and a lot of walking. This is one of the biggest areas I have been in. Of course, we work all of Virasoro. Just like any pueblo area. But there are a bunch of new barrios that have popped up over the past few years.  So its bigger than the old map says.

I have gotten to know a member here named Santiago. He reminds me so much of a friend I have in Costa Rica. Crazy thing is . . . he served his mission in Puerto Rico! He has the same problem as me. “You served your mission in Costa Rica, right?” He always gets upset with that. Well . . . I dont like having people say that I live in Puerto Rico! One is an Island! The other in Central America! Anyway, he is awesome and has silver blonde hair. Yeah . . . I am serious.

I am sick once again. I really am not understanding why I get sick so much. I am sick of being sick. Maybe that is why I am sick. I sick of being sick . . . now I am just confused!

This week I made a bunch of scones for Elders that were over for Divisions. They loved them apparently. We bought a Hamburpizza which is basically a pizza crust, hamburger patties, toppings, and then another pizza crust with cheese on top. It was so good and worth paying the price!

I also bought a kilo of ice cream. Yes . . . a kilo
But I didnt eat it all. The Elders that were over ate a bunch.

Other than that the work is good. We actually found a 16 year old that understood that the authority is actually an extremely important thing. Also, if a church does not have a prophet or apostles, it is not the church of God. We pray she will be baptized.

Love you all!

~Elder Whitchurch

1) Week 42 Profile
2) Scone syrup
3-5)homemade scones by Elder Whitchurch. His compañeros loved them!
6) breakfast! (Love the cucumber)
7-8) ice cream! (He’s definitely a Whitchurch)

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