Mission Letters

Week 41

Hello Everybody!
This week was . . . I have no words.
We literally stayed in the pension all week. Well, there were some days where we would work the mornings, but Elder Mellor felt horrible afterwards and he slept the rest of the day. His flu is really powerful and it has taken him all week just to be able to walk a bunch. Now his ears are stuffed, so he cant hear. We have to almost yell so he can hear us. When he talks, he talks quitely because he cant hear himself. So crazy. Kind of reminds me when I had broncitis. SO much fun.
So, what did I do with all this free time? I finished Saints, which by the way is one of my favorite books, after the Bible, Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price of course. We also watched a whole bunch of movies related to the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We watched 17 miracles, Ephraim`s resque, The Work and the Glory1 and 2. We also watched a bunch of missionary related movies as well. I studied the scriptues a ton and finished some of my tabs I have been working on. I also made some scones! Although they came out pretty salty. I drew a bunch as well. I drew an emblem and a flag for a few things in the fictional world I had made back home. I also fixed a broken DVD player that I found in our pension. Just a rusted button that needed to get replaced. So I took the “mute” button and replaced the “down” button with it. I think that was fun! 
I guess that was this week. We have amazing members here. They help us with lunches almost everyday. We even had a lunch today, on P-day!!! I am really grateful for the members that we have here in Virasoro!
Hope you all have a wonderful day today and this week.
Con amor, 

-Elder Whitchurch

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