Mission Letters

Weeks 37-40

So, I haven’t really sent a group email for a while.
I decided to quickly sum up what has happened the last few weeks.
Week 37, we got locked out of our pension. I lost the keys . . . it was really fun. I got my package that week. I am extremely grateful for that package, especially the 3×3. It really filled the time while traveling. We got Argentine styled Mexican tacos. We were given a buddin from Nancy (investigator). Basically its bread soaked in milk, then cooked for a while. She also gave us some homemade bread. We also had an investigator give us some dulce de leche filled facturas. We had an activity for childrens day. We played around with balloons and had some cake! There also was a trampoline that the kids could jump on. I guess that would some 
Week 38, we had a zone activity. We went out on divitions and shared Books of Mormon with the people of Saenz Peña. After the activity we celebrated Elder Pagano and Sister Rawling’s 1 year mark. We then watched President Nelson’s devotional for Argentina. After the devotional, we went back to the pension and watched Elder Pagano burn a shirt. A strange tradition that many missionaries do. Sister Rawlings also burned a pair of socks. We also had interviews with President Patanía. While we were waiting for our interviews, one of the Sisters accidentally exploded our Zone Leaders 5×5. So I put it back together. I also took a really cool picture of The Book of Mormon.
Week 39, I made black and white pancakes. Really good! We were given some amazing empanadas from an amazing investigator. We also found a dried up Armadillo. I took a picture with a REDHEAD I found in Quitilipi. A older member gave us some food as well, after visiting her. I got pink eye . . . We found a skull with horns . . . and I took my good bye pictures with as many members I could. (and investigators)
Week 40 started off with me traveling 10 hours to my new area. Elder Mellor is now my new companion. I am now in Virasoro. I took a picture with one of my cousins friends that is in my mission. Guess what . . . we have the same birthday, though he is older than me. Just by 15 hours and 10 minutes or so. We then had a zone meeting. The day before the meeting, a Zone Leader from the Posadas Zone made donuts. They almost made me cry. They were SO AMAZINGLY, EXTRAORDINARILY DELICIOUS! I also opened up my first Peanut Butter pack and ate a PB and J sandwich.
I guess that would sum up everything.
So yeah, I am in Virasoro, Corrientes with Elder Mellor.
Once again I have to go through the craziness of getting to know members, new way of working and teaching, and new area to work in. But, I know that the work that we do will always turn out the same where ever we go, only if we do our 100% best. 
I know God lives. I know Christ lives. I know that they called Joseph Smith to be a Prophet in these last days. I know that through the power of God, Joseph Smith found a record and translated it to become the Book of Mormon. I know Russell M. Nelson is a Prophet called of God. I know that if we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, we will live a happier life, and one day we will return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. I know these things.
I love you all, and hope you enjoy the rest of this week.
With love,

~Elder Whitchurch 
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2) Elder Butler (my cousin Kyle’s friend and my “twin” – I’m younger) 

3) Día de Niño (Waldo)


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