Mission Letters

Week 36 

Hey there everyone!
Once again it is me, Elder Whitchurch, writing again about another week here in Argentina.
Of course, as always, we start of the week with P-day. It was a bit boring and I didnt really get to write much because there were like 18 missionaries in the same building using the same 4 computers. Kind of crazy. 
Tuesday we found two people that were willing to listen to us. We clapped houses and almost eveyone would reject us. So we went and visited some members that have recently been baptized. 

Wednesday we found 5 people that listened to us. One had a daughter that had pneumonia. They went back to the hospital on Friday and they said that she was better. 

Thursday we talked to a bunch of people as well. We worked a bunch with the recent converts and we found some other people to teach.

Friday was a really slow day. To many rejects to count. Friday was a hard day, but at the end we found a really great 13 year old girl that looks like she is 16-17 years old. We hope she will pray to know if what we teach is true.

Saturday was a crazy day. We went to visit an old investigator and when we got there, a boy on the other side of the field came over to us. He had a sling shot with him and said he was going to go and kill something. Well, he actually went and hit a bird flying in the air with a rock. The wing of the bird was bloody when he brought it over to us. Then, we went a couple of meters away and started to . . . kill it. The next thing I saw was the body of a bird, no feathers and ano head. He went back to his house, and right out side, he started to gut it. I almost threw up. Fun stuff.

Then, later that day, we saw two dogs completely destroying a poor little stuffed animal. I am glad that it wasnt something else.

Sunday, we had church and we talked for a while. The I spent some time will the kids there. We drew some drawings and yah. 

That was this week. It was lovely and yeah.

Hope you all had a wonderful week as well!

BTW, we broke the Charlas con Menos Activos y Recién Conversos. 23 lessons baby!

See you next week,

Con amor,

~Elder Whitchurch

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