Mission Letters

Week 35

Heylo everyone!
How is it going? Hope you are doing great.

This week was a bit interesting. 
P-day was another p-day. We had Zone Conference in the morning and then we had the rest of the day for P-day. That night I got a call from President. He asked if I could come up to Resistencia to have an interview with him.

Sooo . . . . . . we woke up at 5:15, took the 6:00 bus, and got to Resistencia at 9:30. We took a taxi to the office and I had my interview. Our Zone Leaders were also with us. We all had interviews, including my companion. 
We talked a lot about . . . personal matters. We returned to our area that tarde and we worked the rest of the night.

Wednesday we found a lot of people to teach in the future, that can progress. Then I got to talk to my family. President gave me permission. He knew I needed it and so did Christ. I needed it.

Thursday we were walking in a poorer part of our area and a man came up to us. He said “Tiene 50, tiene 50? Voy a sacarles 50?”. Basically, he was saying “Do you guys have 50 pesos. I am going to take 50 pesos off of you guys.” Yeah, we just smiled and said “Buen dia!” and kept on walking. He litterally just kept on walking. It was really weird, but you know . . . that is the mission for you.

Friday and Saturday were normal working day. I am sorry, but I am kind of out of time, that is why I am not explaining much. Sorry!

Sunday, we had 3 investigators in the church! WOOOOO! I shared a long message and so did my companion. It is really cool to see that the Church of Jesus Christ is the same in the entire world. Even in a garage.

I love you guys. Thank you for your prayers. I am okay, dont worry. But . . . I am EXTREMELY grateful for you prayers.
Love you, all~Elder Whitchurch

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