Mission Letters

Week 34

Como están? Espero que están bien.
This week was awesome! You guys already know about Monday. We traveled a bunch and then we had P-day on Tuesday. Nothing really to say about P-day though. We just stayed at the church and wrote our families and ate chipa.

Wednesday at 5:40 we left the pension and got to the terminal to take a 30 minute bus to Quitilipi. We took my bags to the pension, got ready for the day and worked. We talked to a bunch of people. Most of them listened to us and said that they would read the folletos that we leave. 

Thursday, another normal working day. We talked to a 19 year old girl named Belen. She has been an investigator for a while. We set a baptizimal date for her and she accepted! After talking to some of her friends we came back to the pension and I washed my clothing. I never really show you all how we clean here. We put our clothing with polvo para lavar and we turn the machine on. It just spins back and forth for 30 – 60 mintues. Then we drain the water and put the clothing into a seca ropa. The machine basically just spins the water out of the clothing. Kind of crazy.

Friday we had a crazy day too. We had an activity at 6 and we ate sugar popcorn. We also watched Moana . . . yeah. Oh, btw . . . Quitilipi is a group. So yeah. 

Saturday we visited all of our investigators and members of Quitilipi. We walked a whole bunch.

Sunday, in the morning we invited a bunch of investigators to church and none came. I played the piano and passed the sacrament. Then I shared a 15 minute tesitmony. Kind of crazy, but we only had 10 people at church, so it kind of makes sense.

Anyway, that was this week. Super quick and ready for more.
Love you, all ~ Elder Whitchurch,

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