Mission Letters

Week 33

Yellow everyone!
Soooo, this week is over.
And during this week was kind of crazy.

Monday, P-day. We woke up and left early to have our District meeting at 9. We finished at 10:30 and changed into our P-day clothes. Then Hermana Correa made some torta frita! I helped fry though. They all were pretty surprised that I could do it. Strange that us Elders “can’t” cook. It’s okay though, we all learn one day. (haha) We took a photo with some of our Zone, just missing four Elders. We also had some Mate Cocido. Really good! Then we left and bought Elder Brown’s suit. Then we . . . ate Ice Cream. Really good Ice Cream. Duomo is the best. 

Tuesday – Saturday . . . I sadly dont remember specifics. I didnt write in my journal and I dont have my old agenda. But we worked hard, finished up our contract for the new pension and yeah.

Saturday we went to Taquarí to do interviews. Then we went and got my suit because we found out that I was being transfered out of Posadas. I was really sad, but yeah . . . That is why we went and got my new suit. I started packing and Sunday we took photos with my favorite members.

Then Monday at 4 we woke up and left at 4:20 to get to the Terminal before my 6:15 bus ride back to Resistencia. It took 6 hours and then another 3 to Saenz Peña. I traveled for like 9 hours. Fun stuff. Then we took my bags to the Zone Leaders pension and we slept.

So yeah, now I am in Chaco again and I want to go back to Misiones. I kind of felt connected to the red dirt. We are both red in some way.
Anyway, my new companion is Elder Andrade. He is from Mexico and yeah that is all I know right now. We have had one night together so not much time.
Anyway . . . all good here, enjoying P-day now! (haha)
I’ve got to email Presidente now so, see you next week!
~Elder Whitchurch

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