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Week 31 – 7 months baby!

Sooo, I’ve hit 7 months. Yes, that went by really quick, I know. Another month gone, and less to use up. This week was a crazy one too.
We start it off on Monday, by waking up at 6:30, quickly getting ready, and leaving the pension at 8:00 in proselyting clothing. We went to the terminal that is in our area and looked for a bus that said “Terminal Quaranta”. We almost took the wrong bus, but found the right one. We took the bus, got to the Quaranta terminal and were suppose to see some Elders. They were not there, but some Hermana’s showed up behind us and told us to follow them. We followed them to a chapel and had Zone Meeting at 9:30 in the morning on a P-day. I found it strange that we did it in the morning, but then the Zone Leaders explained that we had it in the morning because many Elders and Sister have to travel back to there areas. We had a fun long zone meeting. Our Zone Leaders did an amazing job with an activity. The game was that there was a cup on the ground and we had to get into a line a few feet away from it. We were suppose to throw the ball into the cup. If we missed, one of our Zone Leaders had to to 10 push ups. We did more than 100. A few of us got it in, I didn’t. Then the other Zone Leader asked if we gave up, if we wanted to stop trying to throw it in. The Hermanas of course said yes, because they didnt want the Elder to suffer more. Then they explained that Christ is like the Elder doing the push ups. Eveytime that we have ever failed in any way, Christ suffered for it (the push ups). It really helped me understand how important Christs Atonement is. That we should try to teach it as much as possible. Anyway, after that meeting we walked around Centro Posadas. We got some stuff to eat and wrote during the tarde. Then we went back to the pension and slept.

Tuesday, we woke up and got ready for a normal working day. Then the Zone Leaders called us and told us that we had interviews in an hour, asking where we were. There was a mix up and they had told us Monday that our interviews were on Wednesday. So we blasted to the terminal and waited anxiously for the bus. We got there right after President Patanía got there, so we were okay. I had a 2 minute interview with him and we left. After that we had lunch at a ward activity and went to the pension to study. We worked that tarde and got to know the area a bit better. Then, later that night, some Elders from Iguazu showed up at our pension. They needed to stay the night because . . .
Wednesday we had Multizona! It was kind of weird because the Posadas Mission mixed with our Mission. They now have to change all their rules to ours. So, no more Mate, no more Soccer, no more proselyting clothing on P-day. But now they can watch approved movies and listen to approved music. It was a long Multizona and we got back to our area at 5:00. We decided to stay in the pension and clean it up a bit. I also made some churros from Hermana Sandoval. They turned out okay.

Thursday moring we contacted a bunch, found our lunch, brought that lunch and another dinner home, ate, then studied. We left the pension and worked in that same area. We found some kids that we could teach. They were pretty cool. Then a member family saw us and pulled us into their house. We were stuck there for a while, which is fine, but we had some other work to do. We left that house pretty late and got back to the pension just in time. 

Friday we visited a member, dropping off my clothing so she can wash them. She litterally came up to us when we were passing her house on Thursday, and said Elder, bring your clothing. I want to wash your laundry. She is really awesome. We contacted after dropping off my stuff and came back afterwards to have lunch with her. Really good lunch. After she said you can come later tonight to get your clothing back. We went home, studied and left again. We contacted some more, found some people with potencial. Then we found Julio. I saw his house that was kind of hidden. It was night then, so we walked to his house kind of blind. Everything was fine, and then there was a dog. We both almost yelled. Scared us like crazy!. The dog was angry, and I wanted to leave, but I clapped my hands anyway. Julio came out and asked us the normal question, what do you want? We explained, shakely, and he let us in. We walked passed the dog and had a really good charla with him. When we were about to leave, he pulled  a 50 peso bill out of his pocket and stuffed it into my shirt pocket, telling us to buy a Coke or something. We tried to give it back, be he wouldnt have it. So we left, got my clothing from the Hermana, and bought some Cokes.

Saturday . . . I have nothing to say. We contacted, all rejects. I was really sad at the end of the day. I made some more churros as well. Yeah . . .

Sunday we went to church at 9:00, had an amazing lunch with Familia Fernandez. We played Uno with their daughter before. We also played Black Magic. If you dont know what it is, to bad. (Sorry, just ask my family. [ Family, you know the rules. You cant explain if you already know. They have to find out]) She figured it out though. After lunch, we walked home pregnant with food. We studied and I made more churros. We then worked the tarde and came home ready to sleep.

That was this week. Oh, btw, I have been playing piano for Sunday meetings. This past Sunday, I played the first song fine, and got the next one ready. I played the prelude and they started to sing a different song. I look up and I see that I was playing the completely wrong song. I was a tomato after that. I thought my head was going to expode. I was so embarressed. I played the last song perfect though. 😉

Love you all (Out of time)-Elder Whitchurch

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