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Week 30 – The Crazy Week

Soooo, I left you all with a cliff hanger. Right? Or just sort of?

Anyway, why I wrote on a Tuesday rather than a Monday was because I moved on Monday. Yes, we moved all of the San Martin Pension stuff to Resistencia. I have some photos of what it was like. It took all morning and into the evening to get everything out of the pension and into the moving truck. We then took a bus to Resistencia and got there at 6:00. We didnt have time to write so we just went over to another pension and slept.

Then, Tuesday we had P-day. Elder Vilela met his new companion and he tagged along while we spent out P-day in Resistencia. Then we went back to their new pension and unpacked. I took only one of my suitcases, because they didnt all fit into the one taxi. So yeah, we took Elder Vilelas Suitcases, and one of my suitcases to Malvinas. We left my suitcase in the offices. 

Wednesday we woke up, and worked the entire day in Malvinas. (Elder Vilela and Elder Collahua’s new area). It was SO fun (sarcasm) to be in a trio and in a white wash. I felt like the third wheel the entire time. So much fun. We came home and I just went to bed. Oh, something weird about that pension is that it is a house. It has 5 rooms, digamos. Main room, Laundry room, Bedroom, Bathroom, and Mystery room. The Mystery room was just covered by a curtain. Tuesday night, I saw the curtain and only thought that it was a curtain to a window. Well, Elder Collahua opened it and we saw a whole bunch of random stuff. Most of it creeped me out! I saw a whole bunch of dolls. Some with only one eye, neck kind of bend and yeah . . . I didnt sleep well the two nights I spent in Malvinas. All three of us were really confused why all of that stuff was still there. But hey, the mission is crazy.

Thursday, I woke up at 6 and got ready to leave for the Terminal. I met my new companion, Elder Brown. He is from Riverton Utah. He is a cowboy, dirtbike rider, farmer, baseball player, bull rider, and so much more. He is so awesome yet crazy at the same time. I met him and saw that I was missing my other suitcase. The office was suppose to bring it with them, but they accidentally forgot it. Also, my papers to travel to another province was in that suitcase in the office. So we went back to the office, got my suitcase and passport. We came back, used my passport to buy a ticket, grabbed my bags and got on the bus all in the 5 minutes that were left to get there. So crazy. We got on the bus and chilled until we got to Posadas. Yeah, we were called to a white wash in Posadas. The Posadas mission has now combined with ours, so all of the Misiones Province is apart of our mission. And only 6 Elders from the Resistencia Mission were sent to Misiones. Yes, I am one of them. So yeah, we got to Posadas and met some Elders here, our Zone Leaders. They showed us a place to eat, we ate, and then they called a Remis. He was a member. He got us to the pension and said chao. We pulled our stuff up two flights of stairs and opened out pension door.  . . . Lets just say that same day we went to look for a new pension. The Elders that were in that pension before, were office Elders for the Posadas mission. They were never really in the pension, so they just had to sleep there, not live there. We unpacked and went and visited the Bishop. Yes, I am in a WARD! I am so happy! We came back afterwards, got some food and slept freezing.

Friday we barely woke up, because of the cold and got to know some members.  Friday was a day of walking, looking for rent places and more walking to get to know the area. That was litterally what we did. We did have a lunch with some members. REALLY awesome family.

Saturday is kind of the same situation. Although, we did go contacting and . . . it was interesting.We also had a lunch that day. Really cool family as well.

Sunday, we went to church and I played the piano. I didnt know how to play 2 songs, so I right handed the entire song. We also shared our testimonies (testimony meeting). After we had classes. It was really good. Then we talked to the members about lunches and about them as well. After, we had another lunch with a member family. They were capos as well. Then we came back to the pension, studied, and left again. We worked until 7:30 and had a dinner with another family. All meat, both meals. Kind of crazy. It was 8:30 when we left and we walked 30 minutes to our pension. Got to the pension at 9 and got ready for Zone Meeting on Monday at 9:00 am. 
So yeah, that was this week. So full, so crazy! But what I do know, is that this Gospel changes lives. I heard from a family that they were living in the streets and because they found out about Christ, they started changing their lives. Now, a few months later, they have their our house and are coming to church in the freezing cold of winter. 
I know this church is the Church of Jesus Christ. I have his name above my heart 24/7(litterally though, I sleep with my name tag.) He is the Head of His church, He directs it through his Prophet Russell M. Nelson. I know that President Nelson has been called of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. He wants us to learn from it, every day, every day. 

I invite you to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true. He will respond and you will know that it is His word.

Love you all,

-Elder Whitchurch

1) Moving out of San Martin

2) Freezing night – drinking Malta (kind of gross)

3) New Companion Elder Brown!

4) Elder Collahau

5) Our new area’s meeting house – Miguel Lánus Capilla in Posadas, Argentina

6) Week 30 profile picture (Mom says I look like a fine young adult man!) 

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